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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Action Alerts

Bullriding on Fox TV/New rodeo commercial

For more info and photos on bullriding visit:
"first-person account of a behind-the-scenes
 bullriding event."

Please file complaints about these two new rodeo items in the media:

1)  Fox TV (Channel 5 in the NYC area, check local listings) has unfortunately added bullriding to its sports lineup. Though these TV shows usually don't show what happens in the chute, this show actually showed this poor, scared animal frantically trying to get out of the chute before the event.  While the animal was bucking, the lying announcer said the bull was 'athletic.'  For more info on bullriding see websites listed above in addition to the article listed below: "first-person account of a behind-the-scenes bullriding event."  

Contact FOX TV via their website:, click CONTACT US on the right.
EMAIL: Producer Marie Wals:  
[email protected] 

2) Sprint is airing a TV commercial with the voiceover "Find your power" that opens with steer wrestling and continues with animals fighting. This is a cruelty-based commercial that panders to fake 'power' and has nothing to do with cell phones and other Sprint-related products. In steer wrestling, a moron on a horse jumps from above onto the steer's head, grabs his horns and twists his neck till the animal crashes to the ground. Tell Sprint to sell its' merchandise without brutality and animal cruelty.

Contact FOX TV via their website:
click 'contact us' on the right
EMAIL: [email protected]  and [email protected] 

First-person account of a behind-the-scenes bullriding event: "Don't support rodeos, abuse of animals"
Published in BUFFALO NEWS on 3/6/03:

I'll never forget the terrified look in the bull's eyes. That horrible night I spent "behind the scenes" at a rodeo has come back to haunt me because another rodeo is due in town. I'm an animal advocate who feels obliged to do her homework before she speaks out.

Therefore, I wanted to see as much as possible what happens to rodeo animals. I believe what I saw that night was cruelty.

I stood nearby as rodeo folks walked among the calm bulls. As show time neared, they tried to get one of the bulls into the area near the chute. The bull resisted, scrunching into the corner. The bull urinated and defecated. He rotated his head as if searching for a way out. His eyes rolled.

The cowboys rammed the bull's sides with poles, but he wouldn't move. They twisted his tail furiously. A cowboy got up on the railings, ramming his spur into the head and along the back of the animal. Finally, the bull shot forward, frantic to escape his tormentor. But there was no escape. A rough rope was tied around his flank area. The rider jumped on, the flank rope was yanked and the bull's rear legs almost collapsed to the ground. Show time! The crowd roared as the bull with rider bolted into the arena.

Rodeo web sites list spurs, flank straps and hotshots (electric prods) as their tools. At a time when we should be trying to eliminate violence in our lives, why spend entertainment dollars on events where animals are subjected to such loathsome devices?

-Valerie Will,
Orchard Park

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