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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Fatal Film: 2 Dead Horses On Flicka Set

AHA – No Friend To Flicka 

My Dead Flicka 

Boycott Flicka – FOX Films Kills Horses 

Fox 2000 Pictures is a division of Twentieth Century Fox Filmed Entertainment. The Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary is the film and television production and home entertainment arm of the News Corp. media empire. The company produces all genres of films through four main studios (Twentieth Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Searchlight, and Twentieth Century Fox Animation) 

Confused? Basically Fox 2000 (Flicka) is a division of Fox Filmed Entertainment, which is owned by mass conglomerate News Corp.  

Feel free to use portions of our letter, but please add some original thoughts. Hundreds of identical letters may lessen the impact.

American Humane Association
Marie Belew Wheatley, President and CEO
63 Inverness Drive East
Englewood, CO 80112
ph: 303-792-9900; fax: 303-792-5333;
email: [email protected]
web email: 

Fox 2000 Pictures · Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp Elizabeth Gabler, President
10201 West Pico Blvd., Building 78
Los Angeles, CA 90035
ph: 310-369-2000
(Press 1# for company directory. Then press 1 to reach office of Elizabeth Gabler)
ph: 310-277-2211; fax: 310-203-1558

David Lux, Senior Vice President, Corporate Publicity
ph: 310-369-5634; fax: 310-369-8825

[Production Companies Involved:]
Zucker-Netter Productions
1411 5th Street, Suite 402
Santa Monica, California 90401
ph: 310-394-1644 or 818-804-5600; fax: 310-899-6722

Dear Ms. Wheatley, Ms. Gabler, Mr. Lux, and Zucker-Netter Productions:  

The American Humane Association’s “No animals were harmed” disclaimer rings false. Last year, an extra on the Fox Films set of Flicka observed wranglers dragging and mounting panicked horses as they raced around a ring. One horse with a 30-foot rope around the neck became entangled and eventually tripped.

A frightened mare kicked the fallen horse, who suffered a broken neck. According to the witness, the horse “was in spasm and died an agonizing death.”

Bystanders at the scene claim the ropes had clearly threatened the animals’ safety. In addition, they contend none of the four AHA representatives onsite before or during the shoot intervened, despite the fact California penal code bans animal tethering that may result in entanglement or injury. They also describe handlers who harassed and punched horses to make them perform.

I understand another horse, who tripped and broke a hind leg during an earlier rodeo scene, was euthanized as well. These tragedies further illustrate the need for AHA to improve and enforce its guidelines for the use of animals in film and television. Please uphold your mission to stop animal cruelty on sets by forbidding reckless scenes that obviously endanger animals.

Funded by the Screen Actors Guild (the exact same industry it monitors), the AHA doesn’t observe transport, living conditions, or behind-the-scenes training for animals. It appears to function under ambiguous guidelines and seldom cites studios or production houses for animal mistreatment.

In the case of Flicka, the AHA failed to safeguard horses — easily spooked animals who should not have been forced to enact a “Wild Horse Race.” Surely the AHA is aware of numerous injuries and deaths associated with this hazardous rodeo event. I urge you to rate Flicka “Monitored Unacceptable” and to assist officials investigating the horse deaths. In the future, please promptly inform the public about animal deaths during production.

I have lost respect for Fox Films, whose sentimental movie about horses is constructed from the fear and pain of real horses. I’ve asked others to join me in a boycott of Flicka, upon its release in October 2006.


Fox Films Covers Up Horse Deaths ! Keep this going - boycott FLICKA, the movie
"My name is Roland Windsor Vincent. I'm an attorney and I own and love horses. Last year I was an extra on the set of the Fox Films' shoot of Flicka, and witnessed the cruel use of horses in what is known as a "Wild Horse Race." Wranglers chase frightened horses around a ring, and try to drag them down and mount them.

The horses are terrified, and in the case I witnessed one was tripped on its rope, kicked in the head, and died an agonizing death. There was absolutely no justification for subjecting horses to this inhumane treatment, except to shoot a sensational scene to make money for Fox.

This was the second horse to die at the hands of Fox in the re-make of My Friend Flicka. You can get the whole story by googling "Flicka Horse Death." Just as disturbing was the fact that the film's star, Tim McGraw, hasn't had the guts to even comment on the death of that poor horse. I had been a big fan of Tim McGraw, and I'm sure many of us now are terribly disappointed in him. Shame on you, Tim!"

Fox Films' cameras were rolling as a horse was brutally killed while filming Flicka. Fox Films refused to allow the outtakes to be viewed by the media or investigators for the City of Los Angeles. This unbelievable arrogance demonstrates the muscle the film industry has in Hollywood. The only thing they understand is money!

Fox Films continues to keep the footage secret.

Fox Films lied about how the horse died and releasing the footage would prove them to be liars!

Fox Films deserves to lose money on Flicka! You can make sure they do!


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