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Proposed Legislation to Protect Geese Officially Submitted as a Bill

From: Kiley Blackman
February 22, 2014

Please be so kind as to thank Senator George Latimer and his Legislative Aide Andrew Ferris for their hard work and dedication in the production of this important bill; we look forward to the day when these obscene 'culls' are a thing of the past.

EMAIL (via Andrew Ferris)
[email protected]

On July 22, 2013 We met with Senator George Latimer for the purpose of creating legislation that would restrict the rampant, unchecked abuses by the DEC and USDA; we are very happy to announce that the proposed legislation is officially submitted as a bill:

Subject: Geese Protection Law

Proposed new law to protect geese with (a) public hearing; (b) requirement to review all human alternatives, and (c) prohibit use of meat for human consumption.
New Sect. 11-0541. Turkeys and geese
1. Prior to filing a request with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for a permit for lethal disposition of turkeys or geese, the local government shall hold a public hearing thereon in a place determined by that government in the locality affected. At least ten (10) days before the hearing, notice thereof shall be advertised in a newspaper published in the community affected. The notice shall state the subject of the hearing and the proposed disposition of the turkeys or geese.

2. Prior to filing said request for permit to the NYS DEC, the local government shall provide proff that they have fully evaluated all humane alternatives to execution of the turkeys or geese, subsequent to the public hearing, and have reviewed that evaluation at a public meeting of the governing board of that government, no more than sixty (60) days after the public hearing, such meeting held under full compliance with the applicable open meetings laws.

3. The local government shall not donate turkeys or geese to be used for human consumption.
Sect. 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

An article about this effort is in THE JOURNAL NEWS.

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