Westchester County Announces First-ever County-assisted TNR Program
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Westchester County Announces First-ever County-assisted TNR Program

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
May 17, 2014

Congratulations Animal Defenders of Westchester!  We are so happy to announce that Westchester County has formally installed the country-assisted TNR program we worked so hard to achieve!

Late last year after being apprised of the need, we made appointments with the office of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and with Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano,  for the purpose of getting a city and county-assisted TNR program into both venues.  

In October 2013  Adrienne Hernandez, Kim Gold, Joan Quinn and myself met with Westchester County Chief of Staff George Oros, providing reasoned, excellent info for this purpose; since that time we've followed up non-stop, urging the program to move forward.  We're pleased to announce that this program is complete and being administered through the Animal Welfare League in White Plains!

In December Roger Van Tassell, Diane Tizerkis, Joan Quinn and myself met with Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano for the same purpose; we have also followed up non-stop there, and we feel certain that we will soon announce a similar result in that much-needed venue as well.  While we all await the arrest of whomever 25 bludgeoned innocent animals, economic assistance with TNR will lower the number of feral and stray cats, plus making them healthier citizens by providing medical care and vaccinations, a win-win for them and the community.  This is also an acknowledgment by the county that animals matter, that they need help, and that they deserve kindness and respectful treatment.  

We'd like to thank the aforementioned dedicated, brilliant people who presented this program in an intelligent, persuasive manner to government officials; we'd also like to thank Susan Haywood of Peekskill, who is the mentor of the county-assisted TNR program there and provided us with an invaluable guideline, along with Councilman Nick Bianco of Yorktown, who implemented such a program to resounding success there.  

Please be so kind as to send a short note of thanks to the Westchester County Executive's office for creating the county-assisted TNR program. This is totally apart from personal ideologies, etc; this program is very beneficial to the animals, as well as being an acknowledgment of their needs as sentient beings who need help and intervention.  Furthermore, he needs to know we are a HUGE number of tax-paying voters who care about animals.  

EMAIL FOR ROB ASTORINO: [email protected]


This was a monumental achievement by all!  We totally rock!

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