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Yonkers hosted the Rodeo Tierra Caliente

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)

On Sept 21, 2014 Yonkers hosted the Rodeo Tierra Caliente. This awful event featured bull riding, which the event owner describes as a 'learning experience' - really??!!

Bullriding is blatant animal cruelty, in which an otherwise-peaceful animal is shocked, taunted, his tail twisted and he is hit with sticks to make him appear 'wild' - then a rope near his genitals is yanked, which forces him to 'buck,' which is NOT natural behavior for a bull. This rope, called a 'flank strap,' is clearly visible in every single bull riding photo.

What this 'teaches' children is that it's fine to abuse animals - and at a time when Yonkers is still reeling from the unsolved torture death of 25 helpless cats, it would be far better to teach children kindness and respect for all beings. For more information on rodeos visit

PLEASE contact Yonkers Mayor Michael Spano and politely express your dismay at the inclusion of this horrific event; rodeo is described as 'America's answer to bullfighting.' Animal cruelty is not 'culture' - its violence against those who cannot speak for themselves. The event also featured dancing and food, and could easily have been held without animal cruelty events.

Contact Yonkers Mayor Michael Spano:
[email protected]

Please send cc to Yonkers City Council President Liam McLaughlin:
[email protected]

Photos and video: to the editor: [email protected], 250 wds or less.

An additional alert to follow.

In a letter published in the Buffalo News, Valarie Will gave a heartbreaking description of what she saw at a bull riding event:

I stood nearby as rodeo folk walked among the calm bulls. As show time neared, they tried to get one of the bulls into the area near the chute.

The bull resisted, scrunching into the corner.

His eyes teared, his nose ran and the bull urinated and defecated. He
rotated his head as if searching for a way out. His eyes rolled.

Thank you as always for being their voice,
Animal Defenders of Westchester

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