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City of Yonkers $15,000 TNR Funding is Now Available

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
September 23, 2014

A few months ago as a result of our efforts, the City of Yonkers allocated $15,000 in funding for TNR - this funding is now available.  These are the requirements:

-  Organization must be 501c3

-  The organization must fill out a 'new vendor' form which the Yonkers Animal Shelter will provide

-  The funds are available for Yonkers cats only; proof will be required

-  The organization must have 2 million dollars in liability insurance and the City of Yonkers must be listed

-  There is a 3k cap on reimbursements

-  Checks are issued to the organization/ 501c3 - not to any individual

We are working with the Animal Welfare League, who meets these requirements, to be at least one of the 501c3 orgs participating. We may also, at some point, attempt to get some exemptions to these requirements, which are stringent.  

Please call the Yonkers Animal Shelter and speak with Almira with any questions -
(914) 377-6730

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