Please urge Rye, NY to not allow bowhunting and 'culling' of deer
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Please urge Rye, NY to not allow bowhunting and 'culling' of deer

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
June 16, 2015 

Tell the city of Rye to ditch bowhunting immediately!

Officials in Rye, New York, are apparently considering allowing bowhunting in the city in a misguided attempt to control local deer populations. Bowhunters often spend hours tracking the blood trails of wounded animals, and many victims are never found, eventually succumbing unseen to their injuries. Families are torn apart, and orphaned young are left to starve. And reports of wounded deer careening wildly onto busy roadways or crashing through residential windows are not uncommon. Killing also backfires because the resultant spike in the food supply accelerates breeding among survivors and newcomers. PETA apprised Rye city officials of the futility, dangers, and cruelty of this approach, but to no avail. Now it's your turn!

Please politely urge the city of Rye to scrap bowhunting in favor of humane control.

The Honorable Joseph Sack
Mayor of Rye NY
[email protected]

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