Contact Westchester County officials ASAP - Groundhogs in Danger at Sprain Golf Course
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Contact Westchester County officials ASAP - Groundhogs in Danger at Sprain Golf Course

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
June 24, 2015 

We have it on good authority that Westchester County is planning to slaughter groundhogs at county-owned Sprain Golf Course; this is the same golf course where they killed 500 geese in 2012. Not content with murdering geese so rich people can play golf, they are now targeting groundhogs, using poison and lethal body grip traps.  

If they go forward not only will the groundhogs die but so will other animals which will consume them (particularly the smaller ones born earlier this past spring). The poison will first slow the animal down before they die 2-3 days later, giving predators like coyotes, raccoons, opossums, and birds of prey an easy catch; then they will die from injesting the poison as well.  Young groundhog babies born this past spring - still small -  will also suffer and die from the poison.  

There is an article today in Lohud about how golfers hate changes that benefit the environment; they use massive amts of fertilizer and pesticide to keep those rolling green lawns - and they don't mind what beings have to perish to keep it that way: Read Golf courses are getting even greener.

Please contact Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino ASAP and politely demand that the county stop any and all lethal action against animals at Sprain Golf Course; tell him you will not attend Westchester sporting and cultural events, etc.  These animals will be slaughtered - using our tax dollars - just so that people can play a game.

We use groundhogs as champions for our absurd seasonal ceremony - but if golfers don't like 'em they've gotta die; this is unacceptable:

[email protected]


George Oros, Chief of Staff:
[email protected]

Kathleen O'Connor, Commissioner, Dept of Parks:
[email protected]

The county is trying to keep this quiet - please don't let them.  Thank you!

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