Contact these officials to politely demand Westchester stop killing wildlife
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Contact these officials to politely demand Westchester stop killing wildlife

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
August 20, 2015 

Report: Meeting with County re Groundhogs at Sprain Golf Course

Westchester4Geese met with officials from County Executive Rob Astorino's office, including Chief of Staff George Oros, on Thursday, August 13, 2015 to discuss humane treatment for groundhogs at Sprain Golf Course, a public course run by the county.  We had been informed that USDA/ Wildlife Services had been called to the area, the same one that slaughtered geese a few years ago; after the CE's Chief of Staff sent out an email stating they had no lethal plans but were 'concerned about public safety' we immediately demanded a meeting (photo below).  
We were told there were '100' groundhogs who were 'running amok' - one worker complained about finding a groundhog sitting on his desk (Horrors!! Oh the humanity!!  how did the worker make it out alive??).  People need to be thankful they have a job instead of stressing over wildlife having the nerve to exist in an open field - which is what a golf course is.  Various suggestions were made, all being humane - we will not tolerate another massacre at this golf course, the same one that killed 500 geese a few years ago.   
We were again promised that this won't happen, and will be touring the golf course with county officials shortly. The CE is running for reelection - and he knows what the terms are for our endorsement. 
Our sincerest thanks to the following people who attended this meeting and offered invaluable assistance:
Taffy Williams - NYS Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Kim Gold -  Business owner/Member, Westchester4Geese
Laura Simon -  Wildlife Ecologist for the Humane Society of the United States
Steve Kanney - Business owner/Member, Westchester4Geese
George Coniglio - Community Advocate/Westchester Animal Ministry Chairperson 
Thanks to all of you for making animal advocacy a vital, important topic; the world is changing and our representatives must change along with it.  This is approximately our forth meeting with the county covering geese, cats, airport 'culls' etc.

If you haven't contacted these officials to politely demand Westchester stop killing wildlife, please do so:

County Executive Robert P. Astorino 
[email protected]

​Deputy County Executive Kevin J. Plunkett
[email protected]
(914) 995-2909​
Chief of Staff George Oros 
[email protected]
914- 995-2934

Parks,Commissioner Kathleen O'Connor 
[email protected]

John Baker, Dir, County Conservation, Parks and Recreation
[email protected]

Our enormous thanks to all, Westchester4Geese, Animal Defenders of Westchester!

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