Great news re: 'Hunters Only' discrimination hiring at DEC
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Great news re: 'Hunters Only' discrimination hiring at DEC

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
February 21, 2017 

As mentioned, months ago we discovered that in order to apply to the
Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC) advisory board, you had to be a hunter! See NYS Conservation Fund Advisory Board.

"At the time of designation, board members must hold a valid New York state hunting, fishing or trapping license and have held one three years prior."

This totally inequitable, biased 'requirement' guarantees a biased, lethal outcome for wildlife! We then cited this disgrace in published letters and to our representatives...and Senator Avella has drafted and submitted a bill to change this unjust rule.

See Senate Bill S3327

This is wonderful news that should have a profound, positive effect on the way the DEC operates, making it a true Department of 'Conservation' for wildlife who share the earth. Please add comments in support; please also thank Senator Avella for this dynamic, exciting, groundbreaking bill!

Senator Avella
[email protected]

Also: Please contact your representatives and politely urge them to support this bill that corrects a major inequity for wildlife and employment discrimination at the DEC.

Find your representatives here:

Thank you as always - humane folks, get ready to file your applications!t

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