COMMITTEE MUST VOTE on Bill mandating the DEC add non-hunters to advisory board - CONTACT NEEDED
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COMMITTEE MUST VOTE on Bill mandating the DEC add non-hunters to advisory board - CONTACT NEEDED

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
February 2, 2018

Senator Avella has introduced a bill to correct the grossly unfair 'Hunters Only' requirement to serve on the DEC advisory board - a law that guarantees the lethal treatment of wildlife from the top on down, from an agency which is supposed to protect them. All lethal decisions for wildlife emminate from this blatantly biased law.

This fight is going on all over the country:

Wisconsin: Pro-wildlife citizens deserve seat at DNR's table
New Hampshire: Fish and Game Commission needs greater diversity

Vermont: Hunting Foes Want to Snare Seats on Vermont's Fish & Wildlife Board

The passage of this bill is crucial to improving the treatment of wildlife. This bill must be voted out of committee. Please contact the chairs of the Environmental Committee and politely demand they put
S3327/A6519 on the floor for a vote:

Thomas F. O'Marra, Chair
[email protected]

Steve Englebrite, Chair
[email protected]

Please cc your elected officials asking for their support.
Find your elected officials here:

Sample Letter:
(Cite bill S3327/A6519 in subject line if emailing)

Dear Hon. __________

I am writing in support of Senate bill S3327, a vitally important bill that will correct the grossly unfair and discriminatory requirement to be a hunter in order to serve on the DEC advisory board. This never should have been in place and serves absolutely no purpose but to garner a lethal, biased outcome from an agency created 'to protect New York State's wild animal populations.' Thank you for your kind and principled assistance,

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More information on petition; please sign and crosspost:

This link describes the blatant hunter bias economically, which also must change:

trapped animal

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