Please Contact Mayors regarding recent coyote incidents
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Please Contact Mayors regarding recent coyote incidents

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
March 3, 2018

Please contact the mayors of Yonkers, Hastings on Hudson and Greenburgh in Westchester County, and *politely* urge them to not overreact to the recent coyote incidents; and to take all humane measures possible.

The same note can be cc'd to all.

The mayor of Hastings on Hudson placed this alert on his website:

Swiderski previously responded to residents' requests for humane treatment of deer when he claimed there were 'too many deer' in Hastings, by instituting a humane program of non-lethal, humane birth control. He has now instituted trapping and destroying all coyotesin Hillside woods for the next two weeks.

Peter Swiderski,Mayor, Hastings on Hudson,
[email protected]
(914) 478-3400

Yonkers Mayor Spano has also had a compassionate ear for animal issues:
Michael Spano, Mayor, Yonkers, NY
[email protected]
(914) 377-6300

Greenburgh has a longtime ban on traveling animal acts, and Supervisor Paul Feiner is known to be compassionate on animal issues:

Paul Feiner, Supervisor, Greenburgh, NY
[email protected]
(914) 989-1540

Points to raise:

  • A tree knocked down in today's storm just killed a child - but we don't go out and destroy all trees. There is at least one serious/fatal car crashweeklyhere - but we don't ban driving. "Itís a rare occurrence ó the animals are usually wary of humans" - as reported in The Journal News.
  • The DEC is not recommending lethal action against the coyotes - but rather, make noise, use sprays, etc. Animal repellent sprays - such as mail carriers carry - are available at and other animal product stores.
  • It has been pointed out that a school shooter of 17 persons is still being given due process - but not the animals.

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