Important: Tell Latimer to Sign Executive Order to Stop Circuses in Westchester
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Important: Tell Latimer to Sign Executive Order to Stop Circuses in Westchester

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
May 4, 2018

1) Westchester County Executive George Latimer told us in January that Rep. Shimsky has agreed to write anti-circus legislation here; her office
claimed to know nothing about this when we followed up.

2) We were told the same thing last week - and again Shimsky's office said they knew nothing about it...and it was unlikely to be written since they are 'too busy' (same for the last 3 yrs).

Latimer refuses to sign an Executive Order on this issue:

First excuse - that it 'would not cover Mt Vernon' (with zero explanation);

Second excuse - it 'could be rescinded by the next CE' which could be 8 years from now; we will happily take that chance. In fact any legislation can be reversed - which Latimer well knows.

URGE HIM TO WRITE THE ORDER; he has been giving them out like candy for other issues.

NYC has already passed legislation against this cruelty and N.J. is reintroducing state wide legislation on this issue, which passed last year but Christie wouldn't sign. Latimer's position on this - as it has been on all animal issues since his installation - is awful.

All other issues here are treated with respect by this administration; animal issues need to be included.

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More information will be provided shortly.

Video of News 12 coverage of Peta's Mt Vernon circus rally:

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