Latimer Lies About Stopping Circuses - Complain!
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Latimer Lies About Stopping Circuses - Complain

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
January 11, 2019 

Two months ago Westchester County Executive George Latimer told us he will do an Executive Order banning circuses on county property, since legislators here continue to lie and do nothing. However, since that time Latimer has presented numerous 'excuses' why he hasn't done it.

Now, in order to cover up the fact that he won't keep his word, Latimer says we don't care about the issue of circuses, as his newest excuse for not keeping his word; he is also shamefully saying we never asked the BOL - tho he asked them himself in addition to us meeting with them...and they ignored him too. We had just sent him a list of animal-free circuses per his request, after vetting them. Enough is enough; NYC and Connecticut celebrate their ONE YEAR CIRCUS FREE ANNIVERSARY.

Unfortunately Latimer has been terrible toward the few humane issues we raised.

PLEASE CONTACT GEORGE LATIMER ASAP and politely tell him to keep his word! You don't have to be a resident.

CE George Latimer (914) 995-2900
[email protected]

And send copies to:
Victor Mallison (914) 995-2935
[email protected] 

Sample letter:

"Dear CE Latimer,

It is shameful that Westchester ignores the suffering of circus animals. Please keep your word and ban them.

Thank you."


For additional details pls contact us. Thank you so much for your continued help. This is a embarrassment for Westchester. To view the history of this disgrace visit our website.

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