Complaints Needed: Hartsdale pet store lied to customers, acquired animals from commercial mills
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Complaints Needed: Hartsdale pet store lied to customers, acquired animals from commercial mills

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
May 3, 2019 

This same store also lied to Greenburgh officials about how they 'never' use puppy mills etc. This is an unmitigated disgrace. As you know, at our request Greenburgh has already drafted a pet shop bill, but has delayed it for well over a year. No more excuses.

Please Greenburgh officials ASAP and politely request they VOTE ASAP.

Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner [email protected]
Town atty Timothy Lewis [email protected]
Joan M. Dudek  [email protected]
Judith A. Beville [email protected]
Town Board [email protected]


A Hartsdale pet store lied to potential customers about where it got its animals, according to the attorney general's office.

The store, Puppies & Kittens at 26 South Central Ave, advertised that it only dealt with "certified breeders," when it was selling animals from large-scale commercial mills, the attorney general's office said.

The store and the attorney general's office agreed to settle. As part of the settlement, the store is prohibited from making false representations about where it gets its animals and will have to pay a $7,500 civil penalty.

"Deceptive marketing and advertising will never be tolerated, including for the sale of animals,” Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement. “Not only were consumers lied to about the origins of their pets, but also the health and wellness of the beloved animals they were bringing into their homes. We will continue to crackdown on any and every abuse of animals.”

The attorney general's office launched an investigation into the store in 2018 after multiple complaints from consumers who bought pets from the store that required treatment of illnesses commonly associated with animals bred at puppy mills, such as kennel cough, giardia, distemper, and parvovirus.

The investigation found that Puppies and Kittens acquired animals from commercial breeders and puppy mills, including Kuddly Kritters, in Atkins, Nebraska, which has been repeatedly cited by the USDA for poor and unsanitary conditions in its breeding operations.

The investigation also found that employees of the store lied to customers about the breeding of the animals for sale.

The settlement is the latest in the attorney general's ongoing Animal Protection Initiative, which started in May 2013.

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