Greenburgh Operates a Puppy Mill - Complain!
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Greenburgh Operates a Puppy Mill - Complain!

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
June 17, 2019

The town of Greenburgh has been sitting on legislation to ban puppy and kitten mills for almost TWO YEARS, providing numerous lame excuses for refusing to even bring this bill to a vote.

In early May, a Greenburgh pet shop that lied to the public and to entire Greenburgh town council about using 'certified home breeders,' was busted by the AG:
Attorney General James Announces Settlement With Westchester Pet Store Over Deceptive Advertising About Health And Wellness Of Animals
***This Greenburgh facility continues to use puppy mill animals, which are legal; they were busted for lying about it and selling sick animals from the worst of the worst puppy mills.***
Greenburgh is knowingly operating and profiting from puppy mills.  Greenburgh doesn't want to lose puppy mill tax dollars and related business income; the fact that seven other Westchester venues have passed this bill, while Greenburgh refuses to even vote on it, is disgraceful.
This is what Greenburgh is receiving thousands of dollars in taxes from, though they state they 'abhor puppy mills:'

Please make polite requests for Greenburgh to vote and pass the puppy mill bill immediately; that is all you need to say.  All parties can be cc'd.  Calls can be left 24/7; you don't have to be a resident to contact Greenburgh.

 Thank you!


Paul Feiner, Supervisor
(914) 989-1540
[email protected]
Timothy Lewis, Town attorney
[email protected]
[email protected]
Judith A. Beville, clerk   
[email protected]
Joan M. Dudek, legislative aide
[email protected]

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