Contact NYS Gov re vaccine 'Take your shot' contest: Win free lifetime hunting licenses, 'deluxe' hunting equipment
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Contact NYS Gov re vaccine 'Take your shot' contest: Win free lifetime hunting licenses, 'deluxe' hunting equip

From: Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW)
December 7, 2021 

For her NYS vaccine campaign effort NYS governor Hochul just launched, "Take your shot," a distasteful play on words offering free lifetime hunting licenses PLUS 'deluxe equipment,' along with a photo of geese flying peacefully in the sunset, to entice hunters to get vaccinated for covid. (article below) Who's paying for this cruelty? This default governor vowed to 'usher in a new era of civility and consensus in state govt' - but she has forgotten 'civility,' she forgot to include compassionate respect for animals in her 'new era.'

It's almost 2022; the same person might win the next election. The humane community still does not count. Everyone everywhere is demanding their rights - yet even basic decent treatment for animals is still ignored and their demise treated as a joke. Animals have the right to live in peace: We know hunting is 'legal' along with the odious 'contests' - but we shouldn't have complete contempt for 'food' animals - and many are victims just for 'sport.' The hunting 'donations' to the homeless are considered toxic, labeled for limited consumption due to 'less stringent' testing. People aren't safe either: There were a lot of recent human hunting fatalities, one right here in NYS on 11/29. US Fish/Wildlife reports hunting is losing popularity; NYS is struggling to increase it.

Please politely advise the governor that we vote and expect animal slaughter to not be 'humor,' or 'contests' - or their demise treated as a 'perk' for getting a vaccine while aligning with the pro-hunter, hunter-staffed discriminatory NYSDEC. *There is currently a bill in NYS to ban these 'contests' (A722B/S7542).

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