'Cat-Killing Case Opens Door For Education About Abuse'
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'Cat-Killing Case Opens Door For Education About Abuse'

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February 6, 2015

The recent arrest in the Yonkers cat-killing case shed light on the dire need for education and resources for homeless animals and the people trying to help them. This story received nationwide attention, as many people were upset over the details that emerged. The Cat Protection Council is calling on the media to meet with its members, as well as representatives of other rescue groups, to tell their story.

It is suggested that such as story could expose the limited number of animal cruelty officers available to handle the 1,000 or more calls and investigate animal cruelty cases per year, and show how the spay/neuter clinic of the new Yonkers Animal Shelter is still not being used – even though it’s been open for a year and a half.

The Cat Protection Council would like to see animal cruelty highlighted, including what to do if someone sees or suspects animal cruelty, numbers to call, and more.

“The media can be so helpful in situations like this – examining causes, informing people who would not otherwise have any idea about the needs of the voiceless and their protectors – yet might become engaged after learning about them,” said council spokesperson Kiley Blackman.

“Especially now, during brutal winter weather, it’s the perfect time for the media to show compassion for the most helpless members of our society. The animals have nothing; the press would be doing a wonderful and gracious service by devoting a segment to showing how caring people can help them.”

The story could let the public know what more needs to be done: How do people with low incomes get medical treatment for their sick pets? How do they get them spayed or neutered?

The number of animal shelters and number of animals they can accommodate – and the need for more this area – could also be highlighted, and reporters could meet with rescue groups to discuss their importance and the difficulties they face.

The rescue groups need help – they have no facilities for holding animals for recuperation or adoption; they don’t receive any funding; they spend their own money for pet food, litter and medical care; and volunteers (and group officers) don’t receive any compensation. For more information, email [email protected].

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