Who's the invasive species?
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Who's the invasive species?

FROM Lohud.com
April 23, 2015

On April 30, Westchester County is using taxpayer dollars to hold an all-day "deer management summit," bringing in the state Department of Environmental Conservation, who call deer an "invasive species" in order to kill them.

The "invasive species" is in the mirror: Westchester was entirely pristine forest before people clear-cut and destroyed it to make houses, malls and parking lots. We support progress but stop scapegoating wildlife.

There's litter everywhere beer cans, cigarette wrappers, newspapers, etc. industrial chemical dumping makes New York waterways some of the worst in the nation.

By pandering to hunters and the rich, Westchester has lost its sense of decency and its heart; wildlife faces apathy, ignorance, habitat destruction and urban sprawl Westchester just made their life harder.

Urging people to hate wildlife is the worst kind of propaganda; and instead of wasting our tax dollars on bullying, how about the county doing something about the colossal amount of potholes that are wrecking havoc all over Westchester roadways.

Kiley Blackman
The writer is founder of Animal Defenders of Westchester.

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