Hanneford Circus met with protest in White Plains
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Hanneford Circus met with protest in White Plains

FROM Westchester News
February 12, 2016

WHITE PLAINS - This President's Day weekend will mark the 41st year of the Royal Hanneford Circus performing in White Plains.

But this year's circus will be different than in years past. While the circus performers will be indoors putting on the show, outside there will be protesters picketing for the ban of the Hanneford Circus.

The protesters said in a statement, "The USDA recently filed an Animal Welfare Act violation against Hanneford for mishandling elephants and causing them to have lacerations and abrasions...They were cited for keeping otherwise sociable chimpanzees in solitary confinement to make them more motivated to perform."

The circus' ringleader has denied the allegations, saying, "Animals are part of the family for us, there's no abuse or torture."

The circus is scheduled to perform nine shows this upcoming weekend.

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