Greenburgh Town Council Meeting: Pet Shop Ordinances
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Greenburgh Town Council Meeting: Pet Shop Ordinances

FROM Kiley Blackman, Animal Defenders of Westchester
January 9, 2018

On January 9, 2018, ADOW met with the Greenburgh Town Council to discuss them adapting the same pet shop ordinaces restricting the sale of puppy mill animals in favor of shelter and rescue dogs and cats, as has been done in Mamaroneck, Mt Pleasant and Yorktown.

We had presented this request in late December. The meeting was called hastily, but we got a lot of information out and the members of the town council reacted with obvious alarm to what we cited about conditions, etc; we will be going back to elaborate in February.

Big thanks to rescuer Adrienne Hernandez for her knowledgeable input and support.

The meeting can be viewed here: Meeting with Greenburgh Town Council re proposed ban on puppy mill sales in pet shops

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