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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Stop Horse Racing

Day at the Races

Note: This event was canceled in 2004

For two years now, the Bronx Bar Association has held a "Day at the Races" at Belmont Park in July, $60 incl lunch, gratuities, preferred parking. THE EVENT IS BEING ARRANGED NOW.

Previous requests to meet with the Bar Association about this event have been ignored.

Please contact Bronx Bar Association President Frank Loverro and demand they stop profiting from animal cruelty. This task is not made any easier given the popularity of the vile SEABISCUIT; but these are the LAWMAKERS - they should not be participating in ANY events that involve animals and, as the lawmakers, they should be educated - THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WILL DICTATE ANIMAL LAW.


According to the Peta website, "Drug abuse, injuries to horses, race fixing and organized crime are integral to the horse racing industry. Whips and blinders are visible reminders that it is just another form of animal exploitation...SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE called the enormous amount of horses injured during a race '...appalling and unacceptable.' Horses often run at 7 years old, before their bones have fully matured, and are often injured as a result...60 to 90% of racehorses are significantly lame. Horseracing is, for all practical purposes, exempt from all anticruelty laws.

Horses who fail to bring in winnings likely suffer an early death, and their flesh is sold overseas for human consumption or dog food.


'kill buyers' have standing agreements with race tracks whose owners have decided that they are not performing adequately.

According to a former trainer, horse owners 'drug these horses up with Bute, steroids, to make them race when they shouldn't be, but when the horse breaks down, they don't euthanize him because with the price of horsemeat they can get more money if they get him to the slaughterhouse live (required for human consumption). So they stick that horse on the trailer with a broken leg, without any pain killers because they're too cheap to give the horse medication.'

(all sources are sited in the website)

Susan Wagner of Equine Advocates has refused to get involved with this event in any way. IT IS UP TO YOU TO SPEAK FOR THESE ANIMALS!

Email Pres. Frank Loverro at:
[email protected],
cc: [email protected]  

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