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The Sickness of Factory Farming

From NaturalBlaze.com
December 2013

Horrific animal cruelty videos continue to emerge from factory farms despite many states attempting to impose "Ag-Gag" bills that essentially criminalize the revealing of criminal behavior at these facilities. One such video recently emerged in Ohio, and it led mega industrial food producer Tyson, Inc. to cancel their contract with the offending facility.

We believe that "Ag-Gag" bills must be opposed on strictly moral and ethical grounds.

But if one isn't concerned about the welfare of animals, then one still should be concerned about the health violations that easily could go on undetected if left completely in the dark. Even what has seen the light of day demonstrates an ongoing health hazard to a large part of the human population.

The infographics offer a very clear picture of how the family farm has largely been turned into one big corporate cesspit of environmental and health implications that are now assaulting the food chain via factory farming - Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs).

Is factory farming making us sick? Take a look:

factory farming

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