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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Rodeo and Hunting Fan Mail
From Justin - 16 Feb 2006

From: [email protected]:

You are the most misinformed writers I have ever read.  I particularly love the way you purposely misconstrue the P.R.C.A.'s rules to add support to your mis-aimed battles.  No doubt there are many sick and horrible people in the world who abuse or do not care for the animals that they take responsibility upon, but not so many of them as you obviously think, are cowboys.  The Association's rules are in place to assure that the animals used are properly cared for, and taken care of, in the unfortunate event that an accident should occur.  Rodeo cowboys take pride in what they do.  You obviously have never rodeoed, or you would know that you are wrong.  

Obviously, you haven't looked into how much money rodeo cowboys spend per year ensuring that their animals are healthy, and in top form.

Some spend thousands of dollars.   You probably wouldn't know that most cowboys use equine chiropractors, dentists, and even accupuncturists' to make ure that their animals feel the same way that we want to.

I suggest that the next time you are at a rodeo, go behind the scenes and take a survey. Ask a few competitors, not saying you are PETA, what they do to take care of their animals; how much they spend; and who comes first when it's time to eat, drink, or get bedded down.  

Your answers may surprise you!! Try narrowing down from rodeo and refocusing your aims.  The PRCA welcomes your concerns, and will do anything to make sure everything possible is done to protect our animals, short of eliminating rodeo.  As of now, you are wasting your time fighting something so large, and are overlooking animals you see everyday on the streets or in ownership of incompetent people.  Take a closer look.

Think objectively, and open your mind. Broaden your horizins.

After all, it was the wild west and the beginning of rodeo events that carved this country out of the bush and set it on it's way.

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