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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Rodeo and Hunting Fan Mail
From Chryssie - 15 May 2006

From [email protected]

you all are a bunch a cry babies and will do anything for attetion. You all say it is for the animals that you do this but it is not. It is all about "look at me" and i think it is sad you all need to get a life and find some hobbie that is worthwhile. The sport of rodeo is what our nation was founded by, everyday ranch life so for you to sit there and put it down shows how little patriots you all are. These rodeo livestock have a better life than more people. At least they have a job and are not raised for slaughter, they have a chance, so go hug a tree or do what ever it is that you do

Response from ADOW

Dear Chryssie:

Wow, you called me a 'tree hugger,' that's awesome, did you think of that all by yourself?? You must be gifted - no really, you must be a member of Mensa, I'm so impressed!!

Let me tell you something, 'Chryssie6,' I sometimes try to discuss this issue reasonably with you rodeo people - but I just saw some rodeo film that I had to SHUT OFF because it was so vicious, so abusive to the animals that I felt SICK TO MY STOMACH.

You bunch of liars say rodeo 'founded our country' to try and hide behind some backwards 'patriotism.' You have some nerve. You are not 'patriots' - you are animal abusers who hide behind the flag to cover your unbelievable cruelty. Your filthy rodeo is nothing but the result of some brutal bored 'cowboys' who figured out how to torture animals and convince people it is a 'sport.' Every last one of you should hang your head in shame.

The rodeo animals have a 'better life' because they don't go to the slaughterhouse? You liar - how stupid do you think we are? First of all, after you're done torturing them in the ring, they go right to slaughter - or a filthy auction which then sends them to more slavery or slaughter, and you know it. And you have the audacity (look it up) to try to justify your obscene cruelty by saying it 'delays going to slaughter'???? You have the unmitigated gall to call us names - if I had my way, every last one of you monsters would be in jail for animal cruelty. The day is coming when your disgusting rodeo will be history - believe it.


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