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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

Animal Defenders of Westchester
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Rodeo and Hunting Fan Mail
From Nikki Minick - 15 Oct 2006

From "Nikki Minick" [email protected]

You Dont have and any Fricken Idea about Rodeos!! you Don't Know JackSh-t! Ya'll Can just Go To Hell if ya think were gonna quit Ridin' bulls & horses & ya Won't get us to quit Steer Wrestlin' & Calf ropin' either! You Fricken Tree huggers need to stay outta sh-t ya don't know 'bout. I know some Bulls Who get treated better than some children I know! Ya'll think Bulls and horses are Docile & Gentle Animals but apparently ya haven't been doing too much research on this! Bulls are Mean! They Are Bred to be mean! They want to be mean! and they don't get shocked and spurred-to-bleed! Cowboys Get fined if they hurt the bulls! anywhere from $500-$10,000! So don't you TELL ME Bulls and Calves And Horses get abuse when they are rodeoed with! So B4 ya'll go a talkin bout sh-t ya'll don't know about do some research and talk to someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS SOMETHIN!! I may Be Southern but I aint fricken STUPID!  

Response from ADOW:

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for the lovely note.  Bulls in rodeos are not treated better than children, but keep telling yourself that if it helps your conscience live with what you do to them - which is cornering them, raking their tails across the chute, shocking them and yanking the flank strap to make them 'buck.'  

Try to get some compassion for other living beings in your life, it could be a blessing for you.


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