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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

Animal Defenders of Westchester
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Rodeo and Hunting Fan Mail
From Jake, a Bow Hunter

We received this letter from Jake, December 6, 2012:

I may be young and may not be too mature but you people are scum. Why ruin hundreds of year old traditions in families of bow hunters. Yes some people do inhumanly take animals and I do believe they are in the wrong, but banning bowhunting in a whole, or trying to, is wrong! Fact you may think are facts are wrong in example; it taking a bow kill of a deer to take more than 45 minutes in completely false, as long as it is a well placed shot it will take no more than 1 minute to die!

What hunters do, the right way, is humane and in some cases, actually how we feed our family like I do! I'm sure you won't buy I wish that you and all anti hunters would mind their own business and I hope you know, you are living as a result if your ancestors BOW HUNTING!

Our response:

First of all, yes Jake you are indeed immature - you don't know enough to not curse at the people you are trying to persuade to consider what you're saying.  That says more about you than anything else you said. We didn't curse at you and we expect the same respect.
If you don't know how much is wrong with your 'well-placed shot' theory we can't help you; you know most hunters are not 'marksman' (coupled with wind variables, a literally moving target, etc) and it is far more likely the animal will suffer needlessly - just so bow hunters can have a good time.  We don't rationalize such behavior toward people and their families...well the animals have families too, Jake.  There is a reason we condemn bow hunters over other types of hunting - there are rifle hunters who disapprove of bow hunting as well, which you may be aware of.  
As far as your reference of us 'living' because of 'ancestral' bow hunters, that's just a way to justify your sporting enjoyment.  The past is past, Jake; this country was founded on slavery and child labor, both of which are now illegal.  The past justifies nothing, sorry.  When we were little we went to circuses - till we grew up and understood the miserable lives those animals have, so we no longer go to circuses.  When we were infants we defecated in diapers...till we learned it was better  to use the facility.  Things change, Jake people grow up, learn how to live a better life,:  Think - really think - about those who suffer just so you can enjoy a 'sport'...then consider a compassionate way instead.
Best wishes for a peaceful holiday for you, your family and all the rest of God's blessed creatures.

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