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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Rodeo and Hunting Fan Mail

Sometimes animal protection activists give special attention to certain issues; mine is rodeo.  I hate rodeos.  I do not understand how rodeos are still being held in this day and age of heightened awareness about animal cruelty.  

Though rodeo information and undercover photos are available on this site, I always tell people, "If you want to view rodeo cruelty, just buy a ticket."  You will see, right before your eyes, terrified animals being chased, dragged, grabbed, yanked off the ground, jumped on and having their heads twisted,  slammed to the ground, laughed at, having straps cinched on them to make them 'buck' - and sometimes killed.  You will see a vision of hell.

This is NOT entertainment; it is cruelty to animals and the disgrace of our great country; and if you believe that rodeo purveyors 'take good care of their animals' - buy a ticket.  People who would be outraged if this happened to dogs or cats allow it to happen to farm animals -why?.  ADOW will fight against rodeos with every ounce of strength we have - and we have lots.

Rodeo lies:

1) Bulls and horses are 'trained' to buck.

  A rough rope or strap is tied near the animals' genitals and yanked hard before leaving the chute, which causes him to 'buck,' sometimes almost falling from the severity of the yank.  This is in addition to him being shocked, having his tail raked across the chute rails, and otherwise being provoked into appearing 'wild.'

2) Rodeo folk treat the animals well because it's costly to replace them.

Dr. C.G. Haber, a veterinarian who worked for 30 years as a meat inspector in slaughterhouses, saw scores of animals discarded from rodeos and sent to slaughter. Toughened as he was to animal suffering, the condition of animals from rodeos sickened him. He described them as "so extensively bruised that the only areas in which the skin was attached (to the flesh) were the head, neck, leg, and belly. ... I have seen animals," he said, "with six to eight ribs broken from the spine and at times, puncturing the lungs. I have seen as much as two to three gallons of free blood accumulated under the detached skin.

According to Dr. T.K. Hardy, a Texas veterinarian and sometime steer-roper: "I keep 30 head of cattle around for practice, at $200 a head. You can cripple 3 or 4 in an afternoon it gets to be a pretty expensive hobby." (NEWSWEEK) Unfortunately, there is a steady supply of newly discarded animals available to rodeo producers when other animals have been worn out or fatally injured.

And again...look at the photos.

3) 'This country is founded on rodeo'

Rodeo began when bored 'cowboys' started torturing animals for 'sport.' Many of the bad things this country was founded on - slave labor, child labor, robber barons and animal cruelty - have already stopped; rodeo MUST stop as well.

We live in a great country; people from all over the world emigrate here - we must extend this greatness to animal protection - and stop rodeo events immediately.

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