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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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The Horror on your plate

Published in the Westchester Weekly - Dec 7, 2000:

I suppose this might not be as earth-shakingly important as whether or not the outline of a woman's nipple appeared on your cover (sept.14) but what the hey, I'm going for it anyway.

I find it distressing that your food critic Philip Innes makes glowing, slobbering recommendations of foie gras and veal dishes.

The animals used for these items face conceivably the worst cruelty of all animals raised for food - indeed, there is currently active legislation to ban the production of both. Several other countries have already banned foie gras production, which involves shoving a pipe down an animal's throat and forcing food until the animal's liver bursts. Baby calves are immediately taken from their mothers, crying, and put into tiny wooden crates in which they cannot even turn around, then fed an anemia-producing slop for six months 'til their (probably welcome) slaughter.

The appearance of these foods in the WEEKLY is unacceptable because of the paper's stand as a voice for the underdog and for those who have faulty representation in society - minorities, gays, etc. The dictionary definitions of "cruelty" and "oppression" do not specify toward people; sentient is sentient.

And in the end, in this land of abundance, is there not enough food available without having to needlessly add to the horror on your plate?

Kiley Blackman
Yonkers, NY

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