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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Put the bacon down

published in the WESTCHESTER WEEKLY, Feb. 15, 2001:

Although you correctly identified IBP Inc. as a contributor to the ruination of family farms and the environment ("Enemies of the Future" Feb. 1), you forgot another major contributor - the one in the mirror.

How do you suppose the fast-food industry can sell one-half pound triple-decker burgers for $1 that the public (200 million plus) line up for? (Burger King currently has a 50-cent special!) Mom-and-pop farms can't supply at this price - only assembly line monstrosities that kill thousands of animals per hour, some still conscious as they are chopped up. Mom-and-pop farms will not use cement 'gestation stalls,' in which pregnant pigs are kept in tiny stalls, which impede them from lying down or turning around. Family farms won't cram chickens into a tiny cage, de-beak them with a hot blade or starve them to force them to produce yet more eggs.

At the turn of the century, immigrants and the less fortunate came to regard copious amounts of meat as the litmus test of riches, along with while bread and canned milk for infants. Dark breads and breast-feeding were for 'peasants.' Thankfully, the health benefits of dark bread and breast-feeding are emerging. Unfortunately, the addiction to meat largely remains. Your own food critic on the opposite page of the article in question rhapsodizes, "...a huge platter loaded with a large link of smoked veal sausage, roast pork with gravy, smoked pork, and bacon that went past slab, past Canadian bacon, indisputably into steak country."

But there is good news: at least one item on your 'enemies' list can be eradicated immediately - don't eat pigs. Put the bacon down.

Don't eat (dare I say it?) ANY animal flesh. Folks, not only will the drinking water not be polluted, asthma goes away, diabetes goes away, gout goes away, colon cancer goes away, health returns. Eat Foney Baloney; the planet will thank you, your children will thank you, Mom and Pop will thank you, and the animals will thank you.

Kiley Blackman, spokesperson
Animal Defenders of Westchester
Yonkers, NY

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