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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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From a Hunter

We received this letter regarding our press release about the hunter training courses.  He has invited responses.   Below it is a response from Anne Muller of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting:

To whom it may concern,

First off before you bash something like the hunting education courses you ought to stop and think about the good the might do. 1. prepare and train people in the proper gun safty and contral issue ( or would you rather have people with no training and have no clue running around in your neighborhoods where you and your family lives with guns)

2. It also teachs the people who attend the laws governing hunting (exp... how many animals your allowed to take and so on...)

3. The course are not funded by tax payers dollors and the tax money from fire arms and hunting license a portion of that money should go towards funding the classes

4. Just because the classes are free doesnt mean the people taking them are poor I have taken the class and I happen to have a upper middle class family with a good paying job and a nice house and so on but reguardless would you rather the classes be offered for free and have everyone have the same chance at taking them or have someone go in the woods and shoot someone you know then be able to use the excuse that they couldnt afford to take the class because the class fee was too high.

So in closing like I said at the begining of the email before you go knocking things you ought to stop and take a look at the whole pic and think about not only the negitive side of thing but think of the good they might be doing also, and as far as banning the classes or even hunting in genral you nor no one that follows you with every be able to take that away from this country is was around long before you and I were and and it will be around and allowed long after were gone because of the fact one it brings the country to much money and two there are many more people out there that believe it should be allowed verses the ones that believe diffrently. as long as there are people that eat meat and then hunting will go on. and just in case your wondering yes I am a hunter I enjoy it and I will continue doing it till I see fit and when my two sons become of age I will do the same with them that my father did with me I will teach them how to hunt just like the fathers did with their sons before us and just like the ones that will do it after were gone. Thank you for your time. If you would like to continue debating this issue with feel free to email me I would be more than happy to respond.


Aaron, NY

Response to Aaron

If Aaron of NY would like to look at the entire picture, as he asks us to do, then he has to look at the connection of the firearms industry to wildlife mismanagement.  People like Aaron are pawns in a deadly, cruel game that takes advantage of the savage proclivities of, fortunately, few people.  Hunters are less than 4% of the population of New York.

The business of sport hunting was created to bring money to firearms manufacturers: animals are the targets, hunters are the customers, and agencies are the protectors and promoters of the alleged "sport."

Excise taxes on firearms and ammunition and, more recently, bows and arrows pay managers to create more hunting "opportunity" for more usage of these lethal products.  License fees directly pay the "managers'" salaries.

Aaron's argument is myopic.  The fact that classes make hunters safer misses the point and dismisses the basic contention that hunting shouldn't be legal at all. It's like saying that murderers should take courses to be more targeted in their killing.  

Wake up, Aaron, we don't want hunting and don't care if you have or haven't taken a course! The act of hunting should be "relegated to the dustbin of history" as our founder, Luke Dommer, used to say.   Aaron's enjoyment of hunting, learned from his father, to be taught to his son, is dependent upon a corrupt political and depraved moral system.

If there are a few perverts out there who want to continue burning "witches" at the stake, or have forced child labor, the rest of the society should not be subjected to them.  Laws have been passed to stop these practices.  Yet with hunting and the power of the firearms manufacturers, we and wild animals are all still subject to abuse.

One need only pick up the paper during hunting season to see the problems of hunters setting up tree stands on private property, shooting companion animals, shooting into houses, wounding children, and otherwise creating mischief and danger.  People don't go out, they don't venture into the woods - all so that sickoids can "enjoy" killing animals?  Insanity!

Aaron should learn that, yes indeed, public money pays for his "enjoyment."  The DEC gets its staff, PR, postage, legal fees, supplies, and even toilet paper at public expense.  Additionally, it siphons off millions from the General Fund.  Even firearms crime committed in the cities pays into their coffers to promote more use of firearms.  That money should be going to pay for the victims of crime!

The public should demand that the insanity end!  You're quite na´ve, Aaron, to believe that hunting will never end.  In fact, it's on its way out.  I suggest you take up chess or paintball to teach your children real battle and give them true enjoyment!

To learn more, go to  

Anne Muller

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
New Paltz, NY 12561

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