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Letter to the Editor - Animal cruelty is not entertainment

Letter as published at The Journal News
30 Jan 2015

Unfortunately the Hanneford Circus will be here soon. When you watch the show you're watching cruelty and abuse. Forcing tigers to do silly tricks, making elephants stand on their heads ... you're teaching your children that dominance of other beings is acceptable.

That Hanneford elephant could have had a family she loved and babies she guarded fiercely: Elephants love their babies just like people do. Former trainer Tom Rider testified in federal court of instances of elephants being drugged and starved so humans can take them.

Westchester County has also been served with a Notice of Dangerous Condition concerning traveling animal acts: This raises liability for county resident taxpayers concerning circus accidents and applies even if someone sees a disturbing incident.

Think about where these animals came from and where they're going: It's an hour of amusement for you, but a lifetime of shackles, servitude and loneliness for them. We can do better as decent people: Teach your children kindness and respect for those who share this earth. It's time to say no to this inhumane, miserable spectacle.

Kiley Blackman

The writer is founder of Animal Defenders of Westchester.

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