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Wildlife Deserves Our Respect

Letter as published on NYDailyNews.com
October 18, 2016

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: Referral agency LendingTree is using a pointless, bizarre TV ad to sell its product, featuring a precious little raccoon sitting peacefully at a table while they insult and degrade him.

This agency wouldn’t dare do an ad that insults people — but wildlife can’t defend themselves. Raccoons have been forced out of their own habitats like all other wildlife. They eat snakes, frogs, insects, rats, field mice and other animals that would be in overpopulation if raccoons weren’t around. They are pitifully misunderstood and maligned; they’re intelligent, sensitive, extremely clean and playful; they love their babies just as we love ours, and are actually revered in many cultures. They are a tourist attraction on TripAdvisor, and charming raccoon videos are an internet favorite.

We insult and kill off wildlife because we have a sick need to feel superior to other beings. Shame on LendingTree for needlessly promoting such hatred. Be decent and remove the ad ASAP.

Kiley Blackman

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