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Public finally turning against circus cruelty

Letter as published on The Journal News
February 14, 2017

Re "Ringling Bros. circus closing after 146 years," Jan. 14 USA Today article:

After a steep decline in attendance, Ringling Bros. has announced its closing. Responding to changing attitudes of compassion, New York City has an active bill aimed at stopping animal-user circuses, as have several other communities across the U.S. Westchester County should vow to join them.

Thankfully, people have viewed undercover circus video, been repulsed by the hidden brutality, and looked beyond the flash and glitter. This isn't “family entertainment” — it’s a shameful lesson in abuse that should be the last thing we show our children. We now recognize our kinship with the animals, and it is based on kindness instead of callousness or indifference.
Don't patronize these cruel, miserable, exploitative shows that force animals to do our domination tricks. Westchester is a beautiful county; let's show the world we have a beautiful heart as well.

Kiley Blackman
The writer is founder of Animal Defenders of Westchester.

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