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This ‘rodeo’ is abusive

Letter as published on NY Daily News
June 26, 2017

The newest animal exploitation trash going around is the “Banana Rodeo,” in which frightened sentient baby monkeys, who have a strong maternal bond, are taken from their mothers, forced into stupid costumes and strapped onto a speeding race dog.

Their entire existence is spent caged alone in trailers and doing unnatural stunts. Many exhibitors have been cited for failure to provide veterinary care, keeping animals in unsanitary conditions and inadequate shelter. Dog racing, under any circumstances, is shameful abuse that never should have been invented; adding this sad freak show is even worse.

When do we start showing animals respect? When do we turn from being ignorant, uncaring spectators into intelligent, compassionate humans? Please complain to every venue that holds this event: It’s not “family fun.”

Kiley Blackman
Tuckahoe NY

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