Carriage horse and driver aren't a 'team'
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Carriage horse and driver aren't a 'team'

Letter as published on NY Daily News
Septembder 22 and 25, 2021

Tuckahoe, N.Y.- September 22: Voicer Gladys Garcia del Birkenhead says man and carriage horse are “a team”? Some team — one member sits doing nothing while the other member is shackled from head to toe, dragging a heavy load of carriage and people in blazing heat and cold with a whip over his head, breathing in exhaust fumes and enduring blaring car horns. Occasionally, they collapse and die on our streets; they just don’t appreciate their fine team treatment!
~ Kiley Blackman

Manhattan - September 25: Voicer Kiley Blackman wrote a great letter about the plight of carriage horses here in New York City. I can only assume that anyone who thinks this is a great idea simply doesn’t know New York! I used to work on W. 59th St., which borders Central Park. It is one of the busiest and loudest streets in the city, with constant loud traffic and horses surrounded on all sides by blaring horns and vehicles. Actually, it is very cruel to have these innocent creatures subjected to this utter chaos! It is truly disgusting.
~ Brenda Nicholls 

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