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Court gets it wrong on Happy the Elephant's release

Letter as published on
June 19, 2022

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: It’s no surprise that the Daily News agrees with the court’s pitiful decision on Happy the elephant (“The elephant in the room,” editorial, June 15). These are the same folks who celebrate carriage horses in NYC, even as the animals collapse and die right on our streets.

Elephants aren’t illegal immigrants; Happy was kidnapped from her herd in the wild as a baby and sent to the zoo as a youngster. The zoos are part and parcel of this disgraceful activity. They are for-profit businesses, part of the cycle of exploitation.

The Bronx Zoo is the second richest zoo in the nation, taking in almost $20 million annually. In 2005, it announced it would end its captive elephant program, stating, “It would be inhumane to sustain an exhibit with a single elephant.” But elephants are still big moneymakers for them. No wonder they fight tooth and nail to keep her. 

Kiley Blackman
Animal Defenders of Westchester 

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