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Heartless Hart

Letter as published in the NY Daily News
August 13, 2022

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: Kevin Hart recently brought a little goat onstage in front of thousands of screaming fans as an unthinking gift to Chris Rock — and when this sweet-natured, innocent baby defecated in fear, Hart got angry at the animal and cursed him out. Hart shouldn’t have brought the animal onstage at all.

In 2022, people realize that non-human animals are not props or blocks of wood. They are intelligent, perceptive and have the same pain-, fear- and joy-producing nervous system as human animals. Goats cry like human babies, are super moms and will stay with their children for life. Mother goats don’t forget the sound of their babies’ voices even a year after being separated.

Have a heart, Mr. Hart. 

Kiley Blackman

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