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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Companion Animal Memorials


By Deborah Tanzer [email protected]

Eve Sugarplum Tanzer was euthanized on Friday, August 14, 2009. Despite her heroic will to live and her magical survival for almost five months when only one month had been predicted for her, she took a sudden major turn for the worse a few days before the end. Until then, she had been relatively comfortable and happy in the loving arms and paws of her immediate and extended family, but then it was her time to go.

Like her beloved sister Rose Honeysuckle before her, Eve was one of he sweetest and finest beings ever to have graced this earth. Even during her travails, she never lost her lovely disposition, and remained unbelievably uncomplaining and loving up to and during the end. She was truly a model for us all.

Her canine brother Sparky, and numerous humans who loved her and felt honored to have known her, are so very very sad. My own sorrow is vast beyond belief, but with Rose, she will live in my heart forever.

Deborah Tanzer

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