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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

Animal Defenders of Westchester
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Kiley Blackman  
[email protected]   


May 1, 2005   On Sunday, May 1, ANIMAL DEFENDERS OF WESTCHESTER will conduct a demonstration at the annual March of Dimes Walkathon outside Saxon Woods in White Plains, from 8 AM till 9: 30 AM, to educate the public about the cruel, wasteful and even dangerous endeavors this institution is involved in.

Examples of how they waste money:

- Implanting electric pumps into the backs of pregnant rats to insert nicotine, even though the dangers of cigarette smoking is already established;

- Transplanting organs from guinea pigs to rats, which has no impact on human babies whatsoever;

- Injecting newborn possums with alcohol, then cutting off their heads and examining their gonads, even though the dangers of alcohol to human babies is well known;

- Injecting pregnant rats with cocaine, though the dangers of cocaine to human babies is well-known.

Animal tests are proven to be unreliable, for such reasons as different species development in utero, differing learning rates between human and non-human animals, varying sensitivity to chemicals between species; even the stress of handling and restraining animals has been proven to effect test results.

Furthermore, this group actually endangers babies by falsely telling donators they are ‘saving babies’ - when the fact is large sums of donation monies goes to ‘white coat welfare’, so that researchers, MOD staffers, etc can own nice homes in the tonier parts of Westchester.  And the very few ‘advances’ they make are delayed from public availability while being first tested on a mouse, then a rat, then a dog, then a chimpanzee, then a goat, etc.

Kiley Blackman, organizer of this event said, “I am always shocked to find out how little the public still knows about effective pre-natal care; MOD should put far more of their efforts into establishing a national registry to identify genetic patterns, providing pre-natal education - and actually providing available pre-natal care to those who can’t afford it.  They have enough money to do that, if only people would demand it.”

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