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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

Animal Defenders of Westchester
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Press Release


Kiley Blackman  
[email protected]   


September 29, 2006 Westchester, NY    We are pleased to announce that the first meeting of the new LEAGUE OF HUMANE VOTERS Chapter in Westchester will occur at Greenburgh Town Hall, 177 Hillside Avenue at 7 PM.

LOHV President Peter Muller will give a presentation on LOHV dynamics and strategies, and refreshments will be served.

We have invited several local politicians to attend, including Amy Paulin, co-sponsor of an anti-foie gras bill in NYS; Dee Barbato, a Yonkers Councilperson known for her support of several animal issues, and Senator Nicholas Spano, who is bringing a mouse-breeding facility into Yonkers with the help of Pataki-directed taxpayer dollars and which we are fighting to put a stop to.  

As reported in THE JOURNAL NEWS on 9/8, we have already taken the preliminary step of presenting the Westchester County Board of Legislators such proposals as 'No foie gras in Westchester restaurants' and 'Sprinklers in facilities that house animals for more than 24 hours.'  

The tide is finally turning for animal rights and animal protection issues.  The media almost daily reports on various cruelty, anti-fur, anti-animal experimentation topics.  

The first-ever ORDER OF PROTECTION issued to a dog last month will certainly mark a new trend in laws and legislation for animals as well; this is legal acknowledgement of animals as sentient, feeling beings who can suffer and feel pain.  Such acknowledgement will be the cornerstone of a whole new set of legal precedents, not the least of which will be the addition of ‘pain and suffering’ awards in civil cases involving animals; such cases now exclude this proviso as animals have previously only been considered ‘property’ under the law.  

Please join us as we usher this exhilarating step in human growth, development and progress into the County of Westchester.

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