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We advocate on all animal protection and exploitation issues, including experimentation, factory farming, rodeos, breeders and traveling animal acts.

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Press Release


March 29, 2013

Kiley Blackman  
[email protected]   


WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY March 29, 2013    In a move straight out of 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,'  Mamaroneck Trustee Ilissa Miller defied convention and a despotic mayor on 3/27, to politely demand that Mamaroneck's existing contract with the USDA to kill their geese residents be immediately cancelled, and that the Board 'start over' by looking at alternatives to slaughter.  
As reported in THE JOURNAL NEWS,  a routine Board of Trustees meeting on 3/27 was thrown into chaos when Miller spoke out toward the end of their meeting, while they listened seemingly nonchalantly to impassioned speeches about why the geese should not be killed - in addition to other agenda items such as alternate side parking and presentations from a Sandy-relief counselor, a local furniture restorer, and a vote on an official declaration of 'Autism Day' in Mamk.  As these items neared completion, Miller politely requested to speak - and stunned the mayor and audience by making a motion to terminate the existing USDA contract with Mamk to kill geese beginning early May, elaborating about the Board's need to explore alternatives to this needless killing.  Mayor Rosenblum attempted to silence Miller a number of times, but Miller persisted.  
Then, 'out of the blue,' Trustee Andres Bermudez Hallstrom seconded Miller's motion - with an ensuing heated debate over how and if the contract could be terminated... till finally an 'Executive meeting' was called in private, including the village attorney, while the entire board and Mayor retired to speak behind closed doors.   When the Board and Mayor returned to the meeting, they announced that this issue would be discussed on Monday, April 1, when the USDA is scheduled to speak at a work session of the Board of Trustees - the 'issue' being requesting the USDA use an 'alternative method' beside slaughter - though that is exactly what the USDA does, and is the only thing they are retained for.  
In other breaking news, the Village of Scarsdale has decided to stop all contact with the USDA and, by unanimous vote, agreed to contract with Geesebusters, a humane alternative to slaughter which uses a robotic predator as a deterrent.  This decision is applauded by both animal advocates and concerned residents in the community who were vocal about the message the slaughter of the geese would send to their children and to the world about what Scarsdale stands for.
Kiley Blackman, spokesperson for Animal Defenders of Westchester, which spearheaded the efforts in both Scarsdale and Mamaroneck against killing the geese, said,  'What Ilissa Miller did was a defining moment in politics, unlike anything I've ever seen before.  To not only passionately stand up for what she believes because she could no longer be silent...but to do in in the face of the iron-handed  repeatedly-stated opposition of the mayor, was breathtaking and admirable for many reasons. Common decency and integrity have two heroes today:  Ilisa Miller and the Village of Scarsdale, both of whom represent the political landscape could be and should be, with honest, courageous, enterprising people at the helm.'

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