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Activists seek first Bull Hook Ban in NYS


May 16, 2016

Kiley Blackman
[email protected]

Animal Activists Will meet with Legislative Chair to formally request Anti-Bull Hook Legislation

Westchester County, NY Members of Animal Defenders of Westchester will meet with the Chair of the Labor, Parks, Planning and Housing Committee of the Westchester Board of Legislators on Monday, May 16, 6 PM at 148 Martine Ave in White Plains. The purpose of this meeting is to propose the enactment of bull hook legislation, which would be the first of its kind in NYS.

The bullhook is a sharp, hooked instrument designed to cut into the flesh of elephants and other animals, to force them to do circus tricks, give rides and other animal exploitation events. The banning of this item has had a profound effect on animal-user circuses:

Austin votes to ban controversial elephant training device

City Council bans use of bullhooks on circus elephants in L.A.

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Undercover video has provided the public with disturbing evidence of the use of this instrument:

Circus Elephant Abuse

PETA Exposes Ringling Bros Cruelty In New Video

Kiley Blackman, organizer of the meeting, said:

"We will be exhibiting a bull hook, leg chains, electric prod and other tools of torture commonly used by all animal-user circuses; they must be used to make wild animals obey - its why there's a stick in the trainer's hand instead of a food reward. We expect the BOL to pass this legislation: A bull hook ban - which would include ax handles, baseball bats, etc - would not preclude any circus from appearing here...just from the bull hook being used.

Westchester is a beautiful, advanced county that has been a leader in several types of animal protection issues in NYS, including puppy mill legislation and the humane treatment of wildlife; we fully expect this instrument of torture, the cause of so much heartbreaking suffering, will be outlawed here as well. Ringling, which recently ended its elephant acts as a result of this ban, has unfortunately found another way to exploit them; we hope that other circuses will act more ethically - but either way, beatings to make animals do stupid tricks must end."

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