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Animal Advocates to attend coyote Town Hall meeting in Greenburgh - April 25, 2018


Date April 25, 2018

Kiley Blackman
[email protected]

Advocates highlight humane, non-lethal living with coyotes to counter DEC lethal options

Westchester County, NY Animal advocacy group Animal Defenders of Westchester (ADOW), and other animal advocates and rescuers, will attend a Greenburgh Town Hall meeting concerning coyotes living in the area, on April 25, 2018, 7 PM, 177 Hillside Avenue, arranged by Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner. The purpose will be to educate the public on coyote behavior, avoiding conflicts, and allaying any residual concerns after the recent rabies incident in the area.

Appearing on the program will be Kevin Clarke, wildlife biologist for the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Also appearing will be coyote advocate Frank Vincenti, founder of the Wild Dog Foundation, whose volunteer work with coyotes has garnered a feature article in the NY Times as well as well as coverage in other print and broadcast media. Though the program originally only included Clarke, Feiner agreed to include Mr. Vincenti at ADOW's request.

Kiley Blackman, founder of ADOW said, "We asked Feiner to include an animal advocate in the program because the DEC is staffed with hunters by law - and they always recommend hunting as a cure-all, which is unacceptable in this day and age. In addition to having the absolute right to exist, coyotes are a valuable part of a healthy ecosystem, as other venues have recognized. A few years ago Chicago realized coyotes could be helpful in keeping down their rat and mice population, and welcomed their presence and coyote 'patrols.' NYC has created a program called "Wildlife NYC," identifying coyotes, deer, raccoons and hawks as New Yorkers, stating, "City dwellers take many forms," and illuminating the value of each.

"Beyond that, people now acknowledge the ethics of coexistence, and refrain from the immediate 'kill 'em all' mentality, in favor of compassion and decency. Communities complain when geese are slaughtered by their representatives instead of choosing other options; they challenge the scapegoating hype about deer being killed due to them causing 'deforestation' - despite the fact that we cut down acres for houses, malls...venues fight against gophers being killed at golf courses just so people can play a game...all such lethal activities deemed totally unacceptable by enlightened, intelligent people here and all over the world.

"Communities should of course be educated about their wildlife neighbors and use common sense as well - but coyotes are beautiful, intelligent animals with strong family ties; learning to live with and respect the natural world instead of destroying it will benefit us all."

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