SKB Cases Sponsors Cruel Cownose Ray Killing Contest... VICTORY UPDATE!
Action Alert from


SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)
December 2016


VICTORY UPDATE: One day after SHARK's alert to have SKB Cases NOT sponsor this horrific event, SKB let SHARK know they will NOT be sponsoring this! Here is the note they sent to SHARK:

Firstly, thank you for bringing the nature of this particular event to our attention.

Upon further review and consideration, and especially in light of new regulations proposed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources regarding the hunting of cownose rays in the six months since we last spoke, SKB has decided to halt our sponsorship of the American Bowhunters Big 5 event should they decide to continue. We’re also actively asking American Bowhunters to remove our logo from their sponsorship page to reflect this stance.

SKB greatly appreciates the relationships we’ve developed with all of our customers in every industry, and it is important to us that all events and individuals we sponsor are ethical and well within the scope of local laws. This has definitely been a humbling experience—one that ensures we will be vetting all sponsorship requests more closely in the future. Hopefully you’ll see this as our attempt to begin to make things right.

We wish you much success in your continued efforts to raise awareness about the cownose ray. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this matter further.

Best regards,
Steve Kerpan
Vice President, Sports Division
SKB Cases

SKB Cases is one of the sponsors of a vicious cownose ray killing contest. (SKB Cases sells carrying cases for musical instruments, photo equipment, video equipment, industrial tools and military use.)

[FYI: A previous cownose ray contest was canceled! See Prevent cownose ray bowfishing contests - VICTORY UPDATE June 21, 2016]

In these "contests," people on boats shoot pregnant rays, male rays, baby rays with arrows, drag them onboard with hooks and beat them to death. The bodies are "weighed" to establish the contest "winners."

ray killing contest


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cownose ray killing contest

cownose ray killing contest

cownose ray killing contest
Written response from SKB Cases to SHARK's request to NOT sponsor cownose ray killing "contests"

cownose ray killing contest
A baby ray caught and killed...

Thank you for everything you do for animals!

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