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All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize - this includes both human and non-human animals and not all of them can speak for themselves. You can speak for them. Your letters and calls do help!

Resource: What To Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty




Stop Marineland from exporting belugas whales to the United States!
captive Beluga
From LCA Last Chance for Animals

Tell Biden: Diet Change, Not Climate Change
ProVeg International

From ProVeg International


Take action against trapping in your state
leghold trap


Elon Musk: Stop Brain Experiments on Pigs and Monkeys!

From IDA In Defense of Animals


Reinstate Endangered Species Act Protection for Wolves
Wolf Cubs
From Center for Biological Diversity


2021 State Bills: Wild Animals in Traveling Shows
Tiger fire hoop
PAWS Performing Animal Welfare Society


Bison, Wolves, and Grizzlies Under Attack in Montana
Montana wildlife
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Suez Canal Situation Highlights Atrocious Animal Trade, With 200 Thousand Animals Stuck On Ships



USFWS: Immediately Rescind Partnership with the NRA
trophy hunting
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Urge Congress to Shut Down Cruel Mink Farms
Mink face
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Stop Cruel Live Animal Transport
live export


Disney: Rodeo Abuse is NOT Family Entertainment
rodeo abuse
From LCA Last Chance for Animals and SHARK Showing Animals Respect and Kindness


Educate and Pressure Our Politicians to End Horseracing (Contact Information)
horseracing kills


End Dog Racing Worldwide
injured Greyhound
From Grey2KUSA


Shut down the VAs last two painful kitten labs in Louisville and Cleveland
vivisected Cat
From White Coat Waste Project


Thousands of snakes are gassed, starved, tortured, and killed at this event every year
Rattlesnake roundup
From Care2


Demand End To Butchering of Sloths and Animal Activists for Cocaine Production!
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Stop NY State Budget That Will Allow 12-year-old Children to Hunt Big Game
League of Humane Voters
From The League of Humane Voters

Ban Animal Sex Tourism in Hawaii
puppy dog eyes
From Lady Freethinker


Let's pass the Humane Research and Testing Act of 2021
caged Monkey
From CAARE Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research


Make the catering at the Glasgow 2021 UN Climate Change Conference plant-based
Glasgow 2021
From Heidi Stephenson


Please sign our Petition to End Wildlife Killing Contests on Federal Public Lands!
wild animals
From ProjectCoyote


Urge the Biden administration to restore Endangered Species Act protections for Gray Wolves
Wolves playing
From WildEarth Guardians


Deer Gunned Down for Movie Scene
From IDA In Defense of Animals

Tell Congress to Save Endangered Species
Monarch Butterfly
From Center for Biological Diversity


An Open Letter on COVID-19 & Industrial Mink Farms
Mink farm

From UARC Utah Animal Rights Coalition


Broome, Australia should terminate its sister-city relationship with Taiji until the dolphin slaughter is abolished

captured Dolphin
From Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project


Justice for Regan: Animal Activist Killed by Slaughterhouse Industry

Regan Russell
From IDA In Defense of Animals

Urge Colombian Agency to Pursue a Nonlethal Solution to Escobar's Hippos

From IDA In Defense of Animals

US Pharmacopeia: Use Synthetic Proteins to Test Vaccines, Not Horseshoe Crabs

horseshoe crabs vaccines
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Call for Video Testimonials: Why you Stopped Consuming Chicken Flesh and/or Eggs
From UPC United Poultry Concerns


Urge Nike to stop using kangaroo skin for soccer shoes

Kangaroo and Joey


Sign the new parliamentary petition to stop Canada's live horse export trade

horse export
From Animal Justice


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