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Each and every living being has rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize, including both human and non-human animals and not all of them can speak for themselves. You can speak for them.



Demand the Government of Türkiye stop new law to kill stray animals

From Ipek G. Kulahci's Turkey's Stray Dogs


Justice for Four Beloved Hens Bludgeoned to Death 'For Fun'
four Hens
From UPC United Poultry Concerns


Get Retired Chimps Out of the Lab and Into Sanctuary

From AAVS American Anti-Vivisection Society


Contact Calgary Stampede Sponsors about Animal Deaths
Calgary Stampede
From AnimalJustice


Help Ban Foie Gras in the United States
foie gras cruelty


Veterinarians Against Fireworks
vegan veterinarians


Tell WestJet to Stop Sponsoring Calgary Stampede Rodeo Cruelty
tortured rodeo Bull
From AnimalJustice


End Extreme Race Day (Camels, Ostriches, Zebras) at Canterbury Park in Minnesota
Ostrich races
From Animal Rights Coalition


Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Stop Dangerous and Cruel Big Cat Interactions
big cat tourism


End De-barking of Dogs in Labs
De-barking Dogs
From White Coat Waste Project 


Tell Iceland to End Commercial Whaling!
whaling harpoon
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Tell the Secretary of Ag: No Bailouts For Mass Animal Killings
warehoused Chickens
From Woodstock Farm Sanctuary


Exposed: The Dark Reality of Bull Riding



We demand the immediate release of Edison Yu
animal rescuer Edison Yu


Ban the live sales of decapod crustaceans
From Crustacean Compassion


Tell Smithsonian: Stop Working with Auburn University's Kitten Mill
lab tortured cat
From White Coat Waste Project


Orangutans Belong in the Wild, Not Exported to be Gifts


Activists Fight to Free Lonely Beluga Whale Bella from South Korean Mega-mall
Hot Pink Dolphins
From SpeciesUnite / Hot Pink Dolphins / Dolphin Project


Harming mice will not treat human speech disorders
injected mouse
From CAARE Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research and Experimentation


Another Bloody Year of Bison Slaughter – The Killing Needs To Stop

From IDA In Defense of Animals


Demand Justice for Victims of Vicious Backyard Butcher in Florida
sheep slaughter backyard
Image from
Unparalleled Suffering


Tell Buttonwood Zoo: Send Sad, Tormented Elephants, Ruth and Emily, to Sanctuary Now
Elephants Emily and Ruth
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Tell TUI ('world's largest tourism business') to Stop Selling Tickets to Dolphin Shows
captive Dolphins
From The Dolphin Project


A Young Tiger Was Found Neglected With Broken Bones. Demand an Investigation!
rescued Tiger
From Care2 Petitions


Protect Lambs and Sheep from Mulesing
after mulesing


Owl Massacre is Not the Answer: Speak Out
Owl's face


Tell Amazon to stop selling bee-killing pesticides
honey bee


Whole Foods Sells Caviar Cruelty—Act Now



End the Tragedy at Wentworth Park Greyhound Track



Email Adidas Chairman of the Board, Thomas Rabe: "Kangaros Are Not Shoes"
Adidas kangaroo shoes
From Donny Moss,


Oppose Prosecution of Activist Who Rescued Cows
Tracy Murphy
IDA In Defense of Animals


Urge F1’s Owner to Stop Supporting the Deadly Iditarod
chained Iditarod dogs


Help Stop the Biggest Monkey Breeding Facility in the United States
lab Monkeys


Tell Amazon to Stop Supporting the Donkey Skin Trade


Tell Elon Musk to Stop His Cruel Animal Experiments!
Musk's Monkeys
From Physicians Committee