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Each and every living being has rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize, including both human and non-human animals and not all of them can speak for themselves. You can speak for them.

Resource: What To Do When You Witness Animal Cruelty



Rescind the Mute Swan Killing Resolution in Genoa, Michigan
Mute Swan
IDA In Defense of Animals


Tell Craigslist to Shut Down Animal Sales
Craigslist puppies
From ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund


Help Create a Healthy and Fair Food System
cattle lot
From Center for Biological Diversity


Australian lab closure is a chance to phase out animals
isolation cages
From CAARE Citizens for Alternatives to Animal Research


Ending terminal surgeries in veterinary schools
sad Dog


Help Stop Greyhound Racing in the U.S.
muzzled Greyhound
From LCA Last Chance for Animals


Help End Dog Experiments at Wayne State!
caged Beagle


Tell Congress to Protect America's Wild Horses and Burros
wild Horse roundupx
From American Wild Horse Campaign


End Horse Blood Farms: Stop importation of ECG serum to Canada
blood horse farms


Urgent Opportunity to Fight Tule Elk Killing Decision
Tule Elk
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Sign our petition to make Animal welfare a global priority: prevent future pandemics
From FourPaws


Animals Beheaded for Blueberries? USDA Farmer 'Tax' Funds Cruel Tests
an individual


Join us in our Fight to Save Dumna National Park's Wildlife

From Help Animals India


Canada Goose: You Ditched Fur, Now Eliminate Brutal Goose Down!
baby duck
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Protect Companion Animals and Meat Farm Dogs from the Cruel South Korean Dog Meat Trade
Dog slaughterhouse
From LCA Last Chance for Animals


Northern Rockies Wolves Need Saving Now
Gray Wolf
From Center for Biological Diversity


Interfaith Vegan Coalition Launches 1st Sermon/Spiritual Presentation Contest on Compassion for Animals
Interfaith Vegan Coalition
From IDA In Defense of Animals


Ask your Congressional Representative to cosponsor the Greyhound Protection Act
Greyhound Bromo



Take Action on the Captive Primate Safety Act
Chimpanzee Buck


Please submit this form and sign our new petition if you want your Representative to re-introduce Violet's Law!
white coat waste
From White Coat Waste Project


Protect Companion Animals From Being Stolen and Sold to Research
stealing Dogs
From LCA Last Chance for Animals


Tell Your Senators: Bring Animal Experiments Out of the Shadows!
caged Rat


Take Action for Sored Horses
Horse soring
The Fund for Horses


Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts
meat slabs


Please support these federal campaigns to protect our horses
Fund for Horses
From The Fund for Horses


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