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This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Monkeys and Other Primates is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Monkeys and Other Primates
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Wishful Thinking


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Monkey - Baby - 01
(Monkey - Baby - 01)  We also might like to think of the cuteness of this baby monkey; but we should not forget that she is being held in human hands and not the hands and arms of her mother.
Monkey - Baby - 02
(Monkey - Baby - 02)  This is another baby monkey.  There is an expression of deep sadness on her face, possibly because she is being denied a natural family life, the same kind of life we want for our own human babies. Put an end to this kind of loneliness and suffering!  Say no to any charity that does "research" on animals. The original photo shows a lush green tropical background and was taken by a grad student at ANU (Australian National University), I know that, reported David Getchell, "but I'm not sure where they were studying but it could be Phaket, since they go there a lot, both for studying and vacations.
Monkey - Baby - 03
(Monkey - Baby - 03)  These are some baby monkeys that were imported for use in laboratory experiments.  They were found dead on their arrival at London airport (UK). According to "These are just some of the several hundred baby chimps found dead at Heathrow Airport, victims of jam-packed crating."  Our thanks to Gary Adams for bring this to our attention.


Monkey - Malish - 01
(Monkey - Malish - 01)  This is Malish, one of eight monkeys who have been condemned to suffer as part of this research project at Hebrew University in Israel.
Monkey - Malish - 02
(Monkey - Malish - 02)  Anyone who could conduct such a sadistic experiment on Malish and other monkeys certainly could not be one of the children of God who the Israelites claim to be; for if a person truly loves God, he or she would also love the whole of God's creation.  In our opinion, this photo proves that such researchers don't really love God.
Monkey - Malish - 03
(Monkey - Malish - 03)  One would think that the Holocaust would have taught all Israelites compassion toward all other living beings, but this photo of Malish proves otherwise.  The Nazis dehumanized the Jews to excuse what they did to them.  To us, these researchers are just as evil.
Monkey - Malish - 04
(Monkey - Malish - 04)  How anyone could look into Malish's eyes and not see his pleading for compassion is beyond our comprehension. Thus we must conclude that these sadistic researchers are evil.
Monkey - Malish - 05
(Monkey - Malish - 05)  Even if some people might conclude that monkeys are beasts, in the Bible, Proverbs 12:10, we are taught:
"A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast,
But the compassion of the wicked is cruel." (NAS)
Thus, from the photos of Malish, we can only conclude that the researchers at Hebrew University are wicked.
Monkey - Malish - 06
(Monkey - Malish - 06)  Until we human beings learn to have love and compassion for all of God's other living souls (Hebrew: neh-fesh khah-yawh), we will never have peace among our fellow human beings.  These experimenters at Hebrew University in Israel are making war on Malish and his companions.  We can come to no other conclusion!
Monkey - Malish - 07
(Monkey - Malish - 07)  Even after all this torture and torment, Malish's eyes still express gentleness.  He appears much more Godly than the humans who perform these atrocities and the members of our society who sit back with blinded eyes and indifference and do nothing to stop these things from happening.  Well, it's in front of our eyes now, and we no longer can excuse this evil away.


Monkey - Group - 01
(Monkey - Group - 01)  This photo was taken in a holding pen for baby macaques at the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.  We can easily see that they are lovingly comforting one another, but for the whole group to be doing this is a strong indication that they are all under severe emotional stress.  Our thanks to Gary Adams for helping us properly identify this photo.

Restraint Chair

Monkey - Restraint Chair - 01
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 01)  In order to restrain the monkey's movements during certain types of experiments, he or she is placed in a restraint chair like this one.  This monkey has had electrodes implanted in the brain.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 02
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 02)  This is another kind of restraint chair that has a clamp that fits around the monkey's neck.  There is something very haunting about the expression on this monkey's face.  Could it be loss of hope?
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 03
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 03)  This type of chair allows some freedom of movement, but no matter what the monkey does, he or she cannot get his or her head loose.  If this were done to us, we would consider it a form of torture; and this is exactly what researchers are doing to the monkeys.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 04
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 04)  This monkey is really struggling to get loose, but it is all to no avail.  The restraint device keeps her firmly in the chair so that she can be experimented upon.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 05
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 05)  Common sense tells us that a monkey would not want to be clamped into a chair, such as this one, any more than we would.  Thus, the researchers often deprive the monkey of food prior to being clamped into the chair.  Then they feed the monkey when he or she is in the chair, so that the monkey will associate being fed with being in the chair, and give the researchers fewer problems.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 06
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 06)  This is another photo of a monkey eating in one of the researcher's restraint chairs.  It's doubtful whether this monkey will be this "contented" once the electrode in his or her head is hooked up and the experiment begins.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 07
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 07)  This monkey sits in utter boredom with arms crossed on the front bar of the restraint chair.  In our opinion, to subject any living being to such conditions is a sign of human depravity.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 08
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 08)  This is another type of restraint chair that is used by the University of Wisconsin.  Note that in this chair the monkey is restrained at the neck and hips and is unable to touch or scratch himself or herself.  This must be real torture!
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 09
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 09)  Note the way the ring is screwed into the monkey's head and the pained expression on his or her face.  We believe that this type of biomedical research is nothing but legalized sadism.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 10
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 10)  This monkey, in a restraining device, was subjected to neurological experiments conducted by Dr. Edward Taub. Dr. Taub is the only vivisector to have been tried and sentenced for cruelty to animals. Later, on appeal he was exculpated for a legal cavil: his experiments were not subjected to animal protection regulations.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 11
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 11)  We believe this is a 30 to 50 year old photo from Scotland which shows an earlier version of the restraint chairs.  We are not sure why the monkeys are outside in these restraints, but they're all hollering about something beyond camera range.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 12
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 12)  This monkey is forced to sit for hours in this restraint chair.  Think of how often we move when we are sitting in an uncomfortable chair and how horrible it would be if we couldn't move even our arms, and we'll get some idea of how much these monkeys suffer, even when not being experimented upon.  Because of all the abuse, even the compassionate hand of the undercover investigator causes terror.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 13
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 13)  The undercover investigator tries to comfort this monkey who has been clamped down in this restraint chair, where he or she cannot even move his or her arms.  The torture of this monkey is being done in full view of the caged monkeys, which causes them to have a lot of stress, too.  Testing on animals must end!
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 14
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 14)  Note the way both arms of this monkey are tied down, and how his or her suffering is in full view of the other monkeys in the cages.  To do this to any living being is an abomination before God.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 15
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 15)  This monkey has been fastened in a restraint chair, where his or her movements are severely restricted.  If we can imagine ourselves in such a situation, we may come close to understanding the suffering this monkey is going through.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 16
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 16)  These monkeys are locked into these restraint chairs for many hours, while they're experimented upon.  These devices are absolutely sadistic, as are those humans who devise and use them.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 17
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 17)  This is a side view of the restraint chairs that are use to keep the monkeys from moving while being experimented upon.  A real torture chamber!
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 18
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 18)  This is another look at two of the monkeys that are locked into these torturous restraint chairs.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 19
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 19)  This is another look at a monkey who has been fastened into a torturous restraint chair.  People really have to be evil to do this to another living being.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 20
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 20)  This is a lower view of a restraint chair into which this monkey has been securely fastened.  Stop the experimenting and testing on animals!
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 21
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 21)  For the monkeys in this laboratory, it must be like living every day of your live in a torture chamber, where restraint chairs like this one are one of the many instruments of torture.  This monkey can be seen screaming.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 22
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 22)  It is impossible to look at a photo like this one of a monkey fastened into a restraint for hours on end, and not realize that there is no such thing as the humane treatment of animals in laboratories.  Every animal in them suffers greatly every day of their lives.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 23
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 23)  Look at the pleading look on the face of this monkey to be free from this torturous restraint chair.  We can almost feel the physical torment of this monkey and the emotional torment that was inflicted upon the undercover investigator whose desire was to free the monkey, but knowing that if she did, she wouldn't be able to expose the truth and hopefully end the suffering of all laboratory animals.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 24
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 24)  This torture chamber looking device is a University of Houston Primate Restraint Chair.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 25<
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 25)  This is another look at a University of Houston Primate Restraint Chair.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 26
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 26)  This is another look at a University of Houston Primate Restraint Chair.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 27
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 27)  This is another look at a University of Houston Primate Restraint Chair.  Just think of how miserable you would feel confined to a device like this for many hours.
Monkey - Restraint Chair - 28
(Monkey - Restraint Chair - 28)  This photo of a monkey in a restraint chair was taken from a report of a laboratory experiment.


Monkey - Abuse - 01
(Monkey - Abuse - 01)  This is an undercover photo of a monkey being deliberately abused by having his or her arms bent back while being carried by a worker at a large testing laboratory.  It is evil to mistreat any living being simply because you have the power to do so.
Monkey - Abuse - 02
(Monkey - Abuse - 02)  This is an undercover photo of a monkey being severely choked by a worker at a large testing laboratory.  This is just one of many abuse situations going on behind closed doors.
Monkey - Abuse - 03
(Monkey - Abuse - 03)  Because these monkeys don't want to be experimented upon, a heavily gloved technician has to restrain the monkeys by bending their arms and shoulders toward the monkey's back.  To us, this is nothing but abuse.


Monkey - Experiment - 01
(Monkey - Experiment - 01)  This monkey is being forced to ingest something in the tube.  Note the way the monkey is trying to push the researcher's hand away.  The only reason humans get away with abusing another living being is because they have the "evil" power to do so.
Monkey - Experiment - 02
(Monkey - Experiment - 02)  In this study, this monkey was strapped down to the top of the apparatus and forced to remain in this very uncomfortable position for many hours.  Monkeys have feeling just like us, and we need to envision ourselves in such a situation to understand how horrible this must be for the monkeys.
Monkey - Experiment - 03
(Monkey - Experiment - 03)  The undercover investigator was able to comfort this restrained monkey for a few moments, but then his or her suffering continued for seemingly endless days.
Monkey - Experiment - 04
(Monkey - Experiment - 04)  This is another look at a monkey strapped down to an apparatus with his or her arms and legs spread.  Note the pleading look for help on the face of this monkey.
Monkey - Experiment - 05
(Monkey - Experiment - 05)  This monkey is having something forced into his or her mouth. Stop animal testing!
Monkey - Experiment - 06
(Monkey - Experiment - 06)  The undercover investigator tries to comfort this restrained monkey as he is about to have a procedure performed on him by a researcher.
Monkey - Experiment - 07
(Monkey - Experiment - 07)  Even after the research leaves, this monkey is still screaming.  Also notice that this is all happening in plain view of the other monkeys, which obviously causes them a lot of stress.
Monkey - Experiment - 08
(Monkey - Experiment - 08)  Other than the undercover investigator, no one in this laboratory seems to care that this restrained monkey is in pain and distress.  Human indifference to the pain and suffering of others is an abomination before God.
Monkey - Experiment - 09
(Monkey - Experiment - 09)  A drug dose is forcibly be administered to this monkey as part of a testing program.  In our opinion, and that of many others, is that the stress that these monkeys are under would cloud any meaningful results for human use.
Monkey - Experiment - 10
(Monkey - Experiment - 10)  This is another photo of a monkey forcibly being given a dose of drugs.
Monkey - Experiment - 11
(Monkey - Experiment - 11)  This monkey is being given a dose of drugs through what appears to be a nasal tube.  First they make the monkeys sick, then they test the drugs on them; all of which causes the monkeys to suffer.
Monkey - Experiment - 12
(Monkey - Experiment - 12)  This sick looking monkey is also being administered a dose of some drug.  This is no act of kindness, because these same humans gave this monkey the disease from which he or she is suffering.
Monkey - Experiment - 13
(Monkey - Experiment - 13)  This is another monkey being subjected to a drug dose experiment.
Monkey - Experiment - 14
(Monkey - Experiment - 14)  While one laboratory worker holds the head of the restrained monkey, another injects a drug dose through the nose of the monkey.
Monkey - Experiment - 15
(Monkey - Experiment - 15)  It's easy to see that the monkey doesn't like the nasal injection of drugs.
Monkey - Experiment 16
(Monkey - Experiment 16)  In this photo, it looks like they are squirting water into the monkey's mouth to cause him or her to swallow the drugs.  Notice the intense look of the monkey in the cage behind, as he or she observes the mistreatment of this monkey.  Animal testing must stop!
Monkey - Experiment - 17
(Monkey - Experiment - 17)  In this photo, they seem to be squirting water up the nose of the monkey to wash down the drugs.  This must be absolute torture for the monkeys involved in these experiments.  Michael Deusa explains that the drug is being pushed through the tube into the monkey's stomach.
Monkey - Experiment - 18
(Monkey - Experiment - 18)  An experimental or testing procedure is being performed on this monkey in full view of the other monkeys in the cages to the right.  Michael Deusa comments: "This monkey has been overdosed to kill it so as to do a autopsy. This is so not ok. It seems the animals mean nothing to the handlers. Very sad."
Monkey - Experiment - 19
(Monkey - Experiment - 19)  Note the heavily gloved hands that are holding this monkey in position during this procedure.  It is hard for us to believe that the fear and stress these monkeys are going through doesn't skew the results of any experiment or test.
Monkey - Experiment - 20
(Monkey - Experiment - 20)  This monkey is being held in the glove, and is about to have another tube shoved up it's nose and down to it's stomach for more drugs to be entered, and is screaming because of what is about to happen to him or her.  These monkeys have no choice, because they don't know what is happening.  At least with humans, we can make a conscious decision whether or not we want to participate.
Monkey - Experiment - 21
(Monkey - Experiment - 21)  In this still picture, we may not be able to hear this restrained monkey screaming, but we can definitely see the fear and pleading look on his or her face.  According to Michael Deusa, this picture is from PETA tapes of Covent labs. The monkey is looking to see if the man on the right is going to hurt it. The man on the left starts hitting the animal as the video fades to another example of animal cruelty. It is wrong to treat any living being in this way.
Monkey - Experiment - 22
(Monkey - Experiment - 22)  Notice the excited and concerned look on the face of the caged monkey as he or she watches the procedure being performed on the restrained monkey in the foreground.  All these monkeys know is boredom and terror; they are never permitted to enjoy the life God created for them.
Monkey - Experiment - 23
(Monkey - Experiment - 23)  This is another photo of a monkey being restrained in a very uncomfortable position.
Monkey - Experiment - 24
(Monkey - Experiment - 24)  This fully conscious monkey is undergoing a procedure while being restrained in a glass tube.
Monkey - Experiment - 25
(Monkey - Experiment - 25)  These two monkeys in restraining tubes, are looking at each other and crying out.  At the same time they are trying to free themselves, they also seem to want to help each other.  They show far more compassion than the tt experiment on them.
Monkey - Experiment - 26
(Monkey - Experiment - 26)  In this photo, a laboratory technician is tightly holding this monkey's arms tightly to his or her body in preparation for slipping the monkey into the glass restraining tube in a head down position for some procedure.
Monkey - Experiment - 27
(Monkey - Experiment - 27)  Look at the fear and sadness on this monkey's face, as she is forced to be in this restraining tube, while awaiting some painful procedure.  This laboratory is a real torture chamber.
Monkey - Experiment - 28
(Monkey - Experiment - 28)  This monkey has had surgery performed on her as part of some experiment.  From our personal experience, and from what we have learned, these animals are rarely, if ever, given any medication to ease their pain while they are recovering.  With the number written across the chest, this scene reminds us of the medical experiments conducted on humans in Nazi concentration camps.
Monkey - Experiment - 29
(Monkey - Experiment - 29)  Just imagine how much pain we would be in if we had an open wound like this in our belly, and we may have some idea of how much this unfortunate monkey is suffering.
Monkey - Experiment - 30
(Monkey - Experiment - 30)  Not only is this monkey suffering from this gaping wound, but she also appears to be wearing a huge restraint collar.
Monkey - Experiment - 31
(Monkey - Experiment - 31)  This is a photo of another monkey with a similar belly wound that was inflicted upon her by the researchers, and what appears to be a tube stuck in her wound.  She is also wearing one of those heavy collars.
Monkey - Experiment - 32
(Monkey - Experiment - 32)  This is a photo of another monkey with one of these horrible human-inflicted belly wounds.  Speak out!  Stop the laboratory research and testing on innocent animals.
Monkey - Experiment - 33
(Monkey - Experiment - 33)  Look into the tortured face of this monkey as she is being experimented upon in full view of the other monkeys in the cages. To allow such pain and suffering is wrong, to cause it to happen is evil.
Monkey - Experiment - 34
(Monkey - Experiment - 34)  This picture is from the Virginia Covent labs. They have just killed the animal and are ready to cut it up. Disgusting isn't it? says Michael Deusa who sent us information on this photo.
Monkey - Experiment - 35
(Monkey - Experiment - 35)  This monkey's illness and suffering was human induced.  This picture is from the German Covent labs. They are not healing the monkey but instead are ready to put a tube up his or her nose and pump more drugs in his or her stomach.  The Bible correctly describes this kind of so-called "compassionate" care in Proverbs 12:10, "But the compassion of the wicked is cruel.


Monkey - Cage - 01
(Monkey - Cage - 01)  A Macaque monkey named Elisa was kept in the Institute of Neurology in London (UK). Electrodes, tubes and other metal devices are permanently attached to her skull.
Monkey - Cage - 02
(Monkey - Cage - 02)  The frustration caused by prolonged imprisonment in small cages forces animals to adopt psychotic behavior such as eating their own excrement.
Monkey - Cage - 03
(Monkey - Cage - 03)  Even in his or her own cage, this monkey is still chained around the neck.  It is doubtful that any experiment would be reliable under these psychologically disruptive conditions.  Stop contributing to these sadistic ways of treating animals; stop contributing to any charity that experiments on animals or which gives money to institutions that experiment on animals.
Monkey - Cage - 04
(Monkey - Cage - 04)  A hole was drilled into the monkey's head and a probe placed inside for injecting various chemical substances. Experiments of this kind often last for months. This monkey is also kept chained around the neck while caged.  Only humans can be so depraved as to inflict such suffering on another living being, simply because we have the power to do so.
Monkey - Cage - 05
(Monkey - Cage - 05)  This monkey had recent abdominal surgery as part of a biomedical experiment, only to be further distressed by being confined in this small cage.
Monkey - Cage - 06
(Monkey - Cage - 06)  This is another frustrated monkey confined in a small cage.
Monkey - Cage - 07
(Monkey - Cage - 07)  Monkeys like this one in biomedical research are under the constant stress of being experimented on or confined to their small cages.  All their God-given social life has been taken away; thus what is being done to these monkeys is ungodly, no matter what explanations may be used to try to justify the researchers' actions.
Monkey - Cage - 08
(Monkey - Cage - 08)  This monkey is either being taken from the cage or being placed back in by means of a choke hold.
Monkey - Cage - 09
(Monkey - Cage - 09)  This is a gang cage for monkeys at a regional primate center.  They may have some fresh air, but they don't have any of the other amenities of the natural environment that God created for them to enjoy.
Monkey - Cage - 10
(Monkey - Cage - 10)  These monkeys may have some companionship, but they are still in prison, not because of what any of them did, but because of what human beings did to them.  They are being punished for our sins!  Say no to research on animals!
Monkey - Cage - 11
(Monkey - Cage - 11)  When we look at the picture of the monkey in the tree and compare it to the bleak chain link fenced-in prison, it is hard to understand how the people at this primate center could actually believe their own words when they say that they are taking good care of these monkeys.
Monkey - Cage - 12
(Monkey - Cage - 12)  Even under these harsh living conditions, these monkeys retain some of their social graces by grooming one another.  This photo also gives us a good look at the wire mesh "floor".  The monkeys have no soft place to lie down and rest.
Monkey - Cage - 13
(Monkey - Cage - 13)  How can human beings look at these monkeys grooming one another and not realize that they have social needs similar to ours? And, since they do, they suffer the same kind of anguish (perhaps worse) that we would if we were locked in a cage.
Monkey - Cage - 14
(Monkey - Cage - 14)  The only comfort they have in the midst of their boredom is each other.  Nevertheless, the discomfort of the hard metal cage is always with them.
Monkey - Cage - 15
(Monkey - Cage - 15)  Two other monkeys huddle together for comfort.  People experiment on monkeys because they are thought to be very much like humans; yet these same researchers turn their backs on their human-like emotional needs, as this photo clearly testifies.
Monkey - Cage - 16
(Monkey - Cage - 16)  Look at the expression on the face of this monkey.  To turn a blind eye and hardened heart toward the suffering of living souls like this one is ungodly; for how can one say they love God, and then do horrible things to another of His created beings?
Monkey - Cage - 17
(Monkey - Cage - 17)  This is another caged monkey at a regional primate center.  The least these centers could do is to give these monkeys a nearly natural habitat.
Monkey - Cage - 18
(Monkey - Cage - 18)  This monkey has such a forlorn look on his or her face.  Only we can put joy back in their hearts by saying no to the funding of biomedical research on animals.
Monkey - Cage - 19
(Monkey - Cage - 19)  The loss of hope is expressed in the faces of these two prisoners at a regional primate center.
Monkey - Cage - 20
(Monkey - Cage - 20)  These caged monkeys are being experimented upon at Hebrew University in Israel.  Note the brain implant on the head of the left monkey.  To force any living being to live under these conditions is an abomination before God.
Monkey - Cage - 21
(Monkey - Cage - 21)  This is another photo of the caged monkeys at Hebrew University in Israel.  According to CHAI (Concern for Helping Animals in Israel) brain research experiments "are usually conducted without the administration of painkillers or sedatives..."
Monkey - Cage - 22
(Monkey - Cage - 22)  Few of us know what's it's like to be held against our will with no explanation or hope for release. If you don't see the sadness is this animal's eyes ... you're not looking very hard.


Monkey - 02
(Monkey - 02)  We'll let this monkey's silent plea for help touch your heart as much as it has touched ours.

Bush Meat

Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 01
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 01)  This family of gorillas has been killed for their flesh (bush meat).  To us, this photo proves that there is no end to the evil of which the human being is capable.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 02
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 02)  These are butchered and roasted gorillas on display.  When we see that humans can kill and eat a living being this similar to themselves, is it any wonder why people also kill each other so easily?
Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 03
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 03)  We believe that this baby gorilla was orphaned by the same poachers who killed the elephant whose tusks lie on either side.  Anyone can see the mourning, the feeling of abandonment displayed by this infant.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 04
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 04)  These two men are posing with their chimpanzee kill.  We hope that these photos sicken the hearts and souls of our readers as much as they sicken ours in presenting them; for it is only from a broken and contrite heart that the voice of compassion can be heard.  Speak out loudly and clearly.  It's time we stop killing and eating our fellow living souls.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 05
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 05)  This is a grotesque pile of primate body parts.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 06
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 06)  This is another family that was murdered to satisfy human lust and greed.  The people who are involved in this bush meat trade must be evil to the very core of their beings, for they exhibit no sense of love or compassion.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 07
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Bush Meat - 07)  Another pile of primate body parts cries out for compassionate human beings to speak out about these horrors and to stop eating animals.


Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 01
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 01)  This chimpanzee has been confined to this cage in a research facility.  Chimpanzees are very social animals and such confinement is very cruel.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 02
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 02)  Being housed in small groups is somewhat better, but they are still deprived of their natural, God-given, family and social ways of life.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 03
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 03)  Chimpanzees are very intelligent beings, and like us, they need mental stimulation.  The lack of such stimulation coupled with being confined in small cages, often drives the chimpanzees crazy.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 04
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 04)  Please speak out against all laboratory research on animals, and help set the chimpanzees free, by having them legally transferred to a sanctuary.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 05
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 05)  Chains, and bars are not a normal habitat for chimpanzees, of for that matter any other animals.  They should be living in the natural kinds of environment that God created for them.  Speak out against all animal exploitation.
Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 06
(Monkeys and Other Primates - Chimpanzee - 06)  It isn't right to keep chimpanzees in cages.  Think of how you would feel in such a cage.

University of South Alabama

Monkey - University of South Alabama - 01
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 01)  This, and following 11 photos are of monkeys and their laboratory prison facility at the University of South Alabama.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 02
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 02)  At least these monkeys get to socialize, but their confinement in the inner dungeon of the university is far from the habitat that God created for them to enjoy.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 03
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 03)  The prison exercise yard.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 04
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 04)  Four of the prison cells.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 05
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 05)  All but one of these monkeys, who have done nothing wrong, are put back into their prison cells to suffer the agony of confinement day after day after day...
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 06
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 06)  Plastic pipe is the closest thing these monkeys have to a tree branch, and instead of vines, they have chains.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 07
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 07)  Another view of the monkey's inner sanctum.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 08
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 08)  A teasing view of the trees they will never be able to climb...
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 09
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 09)  The monkey's maximum security prison...
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 10
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 10)  Another view of the prison cells.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 11
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 11)  Another look at the University of South Alabama inmates.
Monkey - University of South Alabama - 12
(Monkey - University of South Alabama - 12)  The only time the monkeys get out of their cages is when they're being examined or experimented upon.  It like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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