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From Richelle
Sep 14, 2007

Hi there.

My Husband and I have looked at these photos and are absolutely disgusted....(that is an understatement!!!)

The fact a person sitting here looking at these pictures with so much anger...what can I do to help these animals.

Is anyone doing anything?

Can the New Zealand government do anything.??

I feel helpless.

Thanks Richelle of BULLS

Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Richelle:

Thank you for writing and for you and your husband's desire to help.

We all can do something to help, if we want to, and this includes our governments.

Individuals can speak out and expose the truth to others and encourage them to do the same by speaking to others and writing letters. Governments and consumers can help by banning the products of cruelty and not supporting those countries and industries.

Please take a look at our activist section for more ideas on what you can do.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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