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From Amanda - 29 Oct 2007

I totally agree with your article on the horrible environments laying hens and male baby chicks are put through, but saying people should stop eating eggs all together is kind of unreasonable.

There are many other alternatives to cheap industry eggs, like organic free-range eggs, where the chickens are able to roam freely around farms, and the eggs are gathered. You also failed to state that you can keep chickens as pets, loving them and caring for them, and receiving eggs which you know are harvested with out any cruelty.

Yes, the cheap egg industry is horrid and cruel, but don't just say eating eggs is horrid and cruel also. Show people other alternatives instead of closing doors on a protein-rich food that is a primary staple in many people's diets already.

Thank you,


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Amanda:

Thank you for writing, but from everything we've been able to find out, 'free range' is nothing but an advertising gimmick. We know of no commercial egg farm where the hens are allowed to roam freely around farm yards.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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