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From Martin
Jan 2, 2008

This may sound gross, but I am interested in a picture of a cat who has been starved to death. The reason being is that while we were on vacation my neighbors took our cats and dropped them off in another location. We just got word today they found one which was starved to death.

I would like to blow up the picture so I can attach it to the side of my house in order for them to see what they did to the cats.

These were feral cats that we tried to save and take care of. While we were gone we had people come over to feed them. We had them fixed so they didn't reproduce. There were seven cats in all that they got rid off in this fashion, two of which had become our inside cats. They had adopted us!

The local authorities will not do anything. They said that if it was a dog we would have more of a recourse. These people told me that's what they did and told the cops several stories to how they disposed of these cats ... just taking the cats and dropping them off in another neighborhood or forest preserve. If they chose to take them to one of the many animal shelters in the area would be another thing.


Reply from Frank and Mary

Dear Martin:

We're sorry to hear about this horrible situation. The only photos we have are the ones on our web site.

Have you talked to any of the animal protection organizations in your area?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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